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    APEX Issue on EU Servers - RESOLVED!

    Hello all,

    Over the past several days, we saw an uptick in the number of people who said they had issues using APEX they recently purchased. CS had been unable to assist these players because no information existed in the logs.

    We immediately set engineers to look into the issue, because we knew it only affected EU customers, and that there MUST be a way to track it. HUZZAH, the issue was found, fixed and everyone affected should get Credits as expected by tomorrow.
    This will require manual grants from CS, so please be patient as we roll these out.

    Thank you to those who posted their issues to the forums here, it was very helpful in tracking this down!

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    hi there
    i used yesturday 04:10:2018 2 apex and i didnt got the credits on mi account
    pls check mi account in game name is Rockyr NA servers i got 1 from action house and 1 from a frend check the mails pls

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    hi i posted 6 days ago that i didnt get mi credits from 2 apex no1 is reponding i didnt got mi credits is any1 checking that ?

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