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Thread: Meteor strike a bubble?

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    Meteor strike a bubble?

    How to meteor strike the enemy in the bubble? It doesn't work when I target the ground.
    Also, what are some of the highest damage combos for sorcery or other magic based skill tree?

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    It'd be easier if you gave us an idea of what spec you're playing. Daggerspell or? Because if youre using daggerspell, a good combo would be (it really just depends on what class you're up against and how good their experience is in pvp) but Ill give you an idea of what would work. Try to always have insulating Lens up for the chainlightning combo (stuns for 1second)
    Flamebolts (for the engulfed debuff)>>bubble>>use frigid track and just walk under them (youll see why)>>earthen grip so they cant glide away, and in theory they will 99% of the time take fall damage+land ontop of your frigid tracks>>Lassitude>>Meteor/god's whip (and if that doesnt kill them you continue off with) chainlightning>>backdrop+flamebolts (When combined with god's whip "electrified" debuff itd do 30%+ ish more damage per flamebolt so gg) AND if that doesnt kill them then stop going against tanks/people with 5k more gs than you
    in the rare event they have cc breaks from Auramancy and or "defiance", youll have to play smart and bait their cc breaks so they waste it before you start your rotation.
    It takes practice to pull off but trust me, if done right the fall damage alone could do 30-40% their hp

    But with 5.0 just around the corner things might change so heads up there.

    ps: If you really want to use meteor in the first 5seconds of a pvp use this combo wombo. FrigidTracks>Freezing Arrow>Lassitude << when those two are combined it increases the sleep duration from 4seconds to around 10seconds, and assuming they have no cc breaks theyre pretty much just sitting ducks

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    I used to use this combo whenever I played daggerspell shortly after launch. What I did was fireball then bubble trap, cause that caused the bubble to go way higher, then I had to watch the debuff and cast it a couple seconds before it ended so that they hit the ground and took the fall damage as the meteor was hitting. I havent played a mage in forever though, so I dont know if that's changed. Also if they pop their glider they can evade the damage.

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