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Thread: Returning player looking for Guild

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    Returning player looking for Guild

    I have not played since early 2015 and spent this weekend getting myself somewhat refreshed on the whole thing. Right now I am on a fairly empty server. Im looking for a guild that may be located on a more populated server and that is active. I used to mainly fish/trade but im seeing much has changes so we will have to see. Im an NA player and am very active on weekends and after work in the evenings. Im hoping there is a medium to large guild out there that I may could fit in with. Thanks

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    East/west? Which server?

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    Aria is my new server. I was willing to transfer pre merger where ever is why i did not mention before. Sorry i have been out of state the last week. Still looking for a merchant oriented place but will do whatever it takes. I have 3 other family members willing to follow. I got a nice couple plots of land to support efforts. Located in two crowns. thanks for your consideration

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    Come join Kadum Server and join The Fellowship

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