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    Will there ever be a fix for the fps stutter while mousing over items? It's months old, still there and Trion went silent about it. It's still a problem.
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    Pirate faction!

    Can you talk about new changes in pirate faction?
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    As a guild leader, what is to be expected from the evolution? what will happen to my guild? what do I need to do to recover my guild? exp, prestige, members??

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    Hello there! Many members of my nation asking about Serendipity Stones (the ones to reroll costume/underwear/hiram stats) Many people mentioned that korea along with 5.0 got them available for gold from merchant/marketplace as bound item, any info about it ? its kinda important for many which were unlucky with costume rerolls and stock of login badges ended. Greetings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leska View Post
    As a guild leader, what is to be expected from the evolution? what will happen to my guild? what do I need to do to recover my guild? exp, prestige, members??
    That's covered in the FAQ here:
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    Hello, just a few questions:

    1) Is ayanad gear coming to Fresh Start, the question is raised due to a version in KR where you can get Ayanad in a different way than what we know.

    2) Are Delphinad and Ayanad cloaks coming to Fresh Start? If yes, are they coming with the new awakening system?

    3) Small question/suggestions, will it ever be considered to give to XL, to have worldbosses drop with a small chance, plushies or cutsey pets (with no utility) of their World Boss form?
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    1 - Can you show what the Hiram related achievments will be for 5.0?

    2 - will the autoloot powerstone come out right when 5.0 comes?

    3 - any word from xl about the spots to farm cloak synthesis for fs servers?

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    Hi, Evolution question...

    We are wondering about the items that we have that are no longer in game. Last evolution we were told to place them on ground, not in storage. Is this still the case? For example: The salvage forges... Something about you not being able to reproduce them. Please tell us what to do with these items AND which items fall into this problem.

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    Thanks for the questions everyone! We'll be sure to answer as many of them as we can on tomorrow's stream. I'll be closing this thread now, and we'll start up another one later today for the October 19th Extra-life stream where we'll have Twitch Drops and more discussions about Hiram.

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    As Nomis said, feel free to add more questions for next week's stream!!


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