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    [Official] Livestream 10/12 Question Thread!

    Bring your questions for Khrolan, Socke, and Brasse!

    This week's stream will be packed full of info on what's to come in ArcheAge.

    Nomis will gather your questions on Thursday afternoon to get as many questions in to the Dev team as possible. Please note, this thread will be closed at 12:00 PM PDT on Thursday to allow our team more time to properly prepare, so get your queries in here ASAP!

    (In case you missed it, Evolution Compensation has been posted to the Evo FAQ!)

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    compost (WORMIES)

    I thought if I remember by memory thought worms, Compost yields were going to be fixed . still halved. as originally they were to be doubled not halved . and still not fixed? or are they going to remain permanantly ?

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    1) Can the xp potions from crates be used to level ancestral skills?, If not, could they be changed so they can?
    2)can you confirm that new temper items are/aren't in prince and higher crates, they are in kr.
    3)could we please have west hiram mountains on a different war cycle than reed wind and golden ruins ... having all the war zones in peace at the same time sucks.


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    Hi Fam,

    In 5.0 will the amount of skill points decrease? and will we unlock the passives for free.

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    Mistsong t2

    will we be able to make mistsong t2, some people are saying the part of lib that drops the mat will be closed

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    Family Quests
    Will the new trade center cargo be used to fulfill the Family quest that involves 'Hauling Certified Cargo?'
    Currently we buy a Certified Nuian Cargo from one of the 3 Haranyan trade outlets and deliver it to an inland cargo exchanger. It is one of the bigger vocation badge sources for us - at least it was before all the cargo disappeared. Are changes coming to the Family quest system? Thanks

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    Ever since cross server arenas were added and the last skill rebalance desync has become way worse. More often than not I’m getting hit by skills way out of their intended range (like 18m chain lightning, 25m lightning flame bolt) also cast time skills not canceling when you move out of range (holy bolt still casting at 45m+) and all the weird problems bone cage has.
    I live close enough to the servers in Dallas that my ping is almost always in the low 20s (18-24ms) so I don’t see how this could be a problem on my end.

    Is there ever going to be a solution to this?

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    Are we gonna be able to transfer between the new servers and will our mail stay with us if we do?

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    Delphinad and Ayanad Cloak
    KR FS got Delphinad and Ayanad Cloak, are we gonna have it too on this update ?
    They got also a revamp of this system, so same question =D

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    Changes for FS
    What changes are coming to FS (next phase with 5.0 contains which content)?

    Pirate changes
    WIll the Changes for Pirate Nation(Korean august release) be part of our October patch?

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