Lets get to point about "labor". How about, unlimited Labor at overclocked rate, working as Batch processing "labor", for a short amount time. Warning: long cool down period.
Rather than small trickle of labor. waiting and wasting your time. Yes, I am aware that this is a money maker for Trion and XL. But, it is bad news for the players. Instead of completely revamping labor. Take the stipend system to the next level. Make a cash shop item: for x amount a month that removes the labor bar and lets you complete actions, but limits how long a day you can play. So it doesn't completely wreck the market. In affect, its a giant labor bar short span. After that x amount of time for the day with unlimited labor.

You get labor bar back, set at Zero stockpiled at a regen rate, for the first half of you labor bar. At Unpatron 5 labor points every 5 minutes [like Unpatron] for the first half of labor bar. Marked by an indicator.

To activate your "overclocked labor bar" you have to stay online and active. No AFK. No sitting in jury. So you get half your labor bar and can't go below that mark for the "overclocked labor" to kick in the next day. After that mark goes back to online - offline 10 for 5 as Patron should be.
This means players will have greater freedom in shorter amount of time.
With great rewards comes great risk. Effectively taking the labor use away for the remainder of the day. As players will be recharging.

Three things will happen:
changes to the market
vast changes in the activity amounts
potential vast credit amounts bought by players
as labor pots will stay in the game as a prime comodity

Now that we have the ideal perfect storm situation from a game creation aspect. Lets be a player and break it. What happens when this happens?

Players will mass spam resources. Potential raising or dropping values in the market place. Potential abuse is why taking labor abuse away is vital. That way the market doesn't flood and retains value. Mind you, its important to keep this in the credit card cash shop. To limit the amount of players that would want this and pay for it. At an expensive value. With in degree; Yes, you want to sell it; No, you don't want to spam it. Maybe make first come first serve per week at limited numbers. Obviously this would become the golden standard. While labor sales are already high. In a way, this would be like purchasing a subscriptoin on top of patrons and stipends. Allowing, yet, another tier revenue for Trion and/or XL, and allowing players to do what they really want to do. Another thing, this is behind another pay wall. Obviously, players will cry "pay to win". Though that isn't the case. You can still win without paying a dime. It will cost you a lot of time and effort. That's how the revenue of these games work.

For the free to play "I want this, I want that". While they won't tell you directly to your face. The first thing they think is how much have you put in my pocket as a game developer...Zero. So how much right do you have to complain about changes I make to my game...Zero.

With increase of players coming back and maybe bringing friends, this could completely revitalize the game to its hay-day. Allowing players to do content and make nice items. Because they paid it forward. Meaning more sea activity, more trade among players and NPCs and effectively supercharging the player base and the market. More revenue.
Tell us what you think. Would you buy such an item at an expensive price? Would you come back to ArcheAge and maybe bring a friend? Note: to Trion and XL -- you could make this an event "something to generate hype about". Hence the first come first serve.

by, Regrade Inc. Clan - Co-Leader "Lir"