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    Land rush ETA

    ☆1. Is the land rush still scheduled for the 20th, or is it going to be pushed back since the evolution maintenance did?
    2. Also from a skill standpoint, is there a way to have the stealth skill be able to effect ally characters the same way as enemies in order to help combat green pirates?

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    Very serious question about vehicles

    So with 5.0 approaching fast. Will there ever been an update/bug fix to fix vehicles physics, Bouncing Tractors have been around forever, also Cars... I can drive my tractor through pretty much anything, Fences, Larders, etc. But Cars...GOD FORBID I HIT A BLADE OF GRASS OR A TUMBLEWEED and my car goes crazy. is any help for this coming any time soon?

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    Can we please get an option to toggle and turn off Songcraft [Perform] skill songs?
    I weave songs in between skills, and it's gotten to the point where I have dreamt Quickstep in my sleep and turned off all ingame sounds because I'm sick of hearing tutururu over and over. I'd love to hear again ... just not the Songcraft songs.

    The most perfect heal, ever.
    Full HP Skewer heal (gif).
    This one's over 60k.
    Negative Heal.

    Digital Art Commissions always open;
    DM me for more info :3

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    Ever since cross server arenas were added and the last skill rebalance desync has become way worse. More often than not I’m getting hit by skills way out of their intended range (like 18m chain lightning, 25m lightning flame bolt) also cast time skills not canceling when you move out of range (holy bolt still casting at 45m+) and all the weird problems bone cage has.
    I live close enough to the servers in Dallas that my ping is almost always in the low 20s (18-24ms) so I don’t see how this could be a problem on my end.

    Is there ever going to be a solution to this?

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    Thanks for the questions everyone! I'll get them to the team so that we can answer as many as possible on the stream tomorrow.

    I'm closing the thread now, and we'll start another one before the next stream.

    Thanks again,

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    [UPDATE 10/18/18: Due to extenuating circumstances, the Extra Life and Hiram pre-Launch livestream must be POSTPONED - we will announce a new date asap. Deepest apologies, we were REALLY looking forward to this tomorrow! ~Brasse]

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