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Thread: 5.0 Walls/Floor/Ceiling UCC [Guide & Preview]

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    Quote Originally Posted by wouter1390 View Post
    Great demonstration video! I hope they will add ceiling furniture one day to make it even more appealing.
    I'll piggy back on this thread to show one more video inspired by this comment...

    Always wanted ceiling lighting fixtures in your ArcheAge house? Make your own, starting with those 3 examples!


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    Sorry, it took so long to get back about the shelf stuff I needed to look around and find the images again. After looking at this Tumblr more closely I believe the characters are actually Japanese, my bad. Also, I feel so dumb about my first comment! I know those bonsai come on a plank!! DUH! *blushes* That was a really good use of it though!


    after looking at the last img it seems like this is something floating and not a wall shelf but I wasn't able to figure out what the item was. On the 3rd picture, I just wondered what that window in the treehouse was if anyone knows. After looking at other pictures of treehouses I think it might be an attic type space. The circle and the frame around it look like the tree that sticks out of the house.

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