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Thread: Seeking Roleplayers

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    Talking Seeking Roleplayers

    Hey guys, i just came back to archage after a year break I knew that rp happened on Archage, but I am particularily curious on the forums etc. I checked the pinned area for RP but the site archageroleplat.com doesn't seem to work for me.

    I am currently playing a dwarf and I am only level 17

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    That domain is long gone. There is an RP Discord though. All the RP we know of at present is on Conviction (soon to be Kadum). There are a couple of guilds left, some RPers scattered about in non-RP guilds, and a few public events that get announced on Discord. Let me know if you want further information about that.

    If you have rolled your Dwarf on a fresh start server, it's likely that your only options are to play without the RP on fresh start, or to roll a new character on a separate account on Kadum.
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