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Thread: Need balance two handen weapons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gagro View Post
    let's face it, the cost or time of farm does not count, in any other MMORPG you will not see items displaced by cost or farm, all weapons have an advantage and disadvantage regardless of cost or time.

    We are talking about styles of play, not all players like to use 2 weapons as well as not everyone likes to be a healer, archer, etc.

    It is a basic concept of any MMORPG to provide players with "VARIETY" in order to play and customize their character.

    It is unfair and silly to say that because it is cheaper or it takes less time, YOUR STYLE is only a secondary in the game.

    P.D: to any equipped full gems, etc. will be of nation, for its capacity of farm, counting the gold and time of farm is irrelevant in this game
    Let's make it simple, what's exactly what you want? 2H = DW? If so, what's the point of having 2 options if they perform the same? They are different in so many ways, that's it, you get to analize what suits you better and choose. If your complain is "2H is a lot worse than DW in every aspect", why don't you reroll DW? And please don't tell me "I don't like it" or "I like how 2h looks".

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    2h became popular when they gave that shield def pen that was an absurd that allowed you to basicly deny the block half the time and penetrate half the defense the shield gave (even worse with staffs having that huge mdef pen)
    So now that they removed it you are complaining when for a long time 2h had an unbeatable advantage to pvp with half the cost!

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