I want to say something about the 'Blue Salt Brotherhood Bulletin Board'.

First of all, i think i am a very good user of it. Sometimes me and my alts place 80%+ of all Requests (EU AND NA).

Bugs (maybe fixed at 5.0?):
The sort order dont work, when you sort for list price higher listed prices is on other pages

Whats good on it:
You can get cheap crafts done wich you dont wanna spend Labor for (0 Skill combines)
You can get crafts done where you dont have the Skill for
You can spend Labor when you just want log in short and get some Gold for it

Whats bad on it:
Its not connected to other Server like AH
The Tax is to high (50% makes it not intresting for most of the People), actually only NA or EU alts useing it for log in burn labor and logg off
Searching for good offers is VERY complicated ... you have to look in every single Post for it

How can it become better / more confortable to use:
+Checkbox for 'show only what i can do' ( Only show Requests where i have enough Skill for AND enough Labor left ) => Default activated
+Show needed Labor in List
+Show Gold per Labor in List
+Make these 2 able to sort
+Fix the already existing Sort s
+Make Tax like AH or max 10%
+Connect to all Servers like AH

I think most of the people want to craft Stuff where they get most Money per Labor.
Just open Board order for Gold per Labor -> Look how much labor i want to spend -> choose and craft