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Thread: Please read and pass on, Fate of the Game!!!!!

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    Please read and pass on, Fate of the Game!!!!!

    Hi guys,
    Jacksparrow here, from Inoch,Manure,Thunderwing,
    If we want our game to keep going we have to change the path its on!! forward this, send it to friends get the word out we need to put pressure on Trion/XL we are the ones paying their salaries, we should be heard.
    This Game was an awesome game, I was on board with this game from start of alpha, The graphic's were awesome, the housing, the water, best water graphics i have ever had the pleasure of playing, It was totally on its on platform. That game is now gone, we are now faced with a shell of the game it once was. They have taken the Sand out of the sandbox.
    This is my 3rd merger i started on Inoch, then manure, then Thunderwing now this one, you can bet next year at this same time they will have another merger then there will be only one server. Six months later they will probably pull the plug on the game. Trion doesn't care about there player base, example: the wonderful customer service, an XL kills there own games, XL still hasn't got it, we (the western culture) have different play styles than that of our counterparts in Korea, They have continued to take the sand out of the sandbox, Example: The trade pack system it was working great till XL decided they needed to change it. Now you can not take a pack anywhere you want to turn in, You cannot store packs on properties with out being penalized, and now with this wonderful patch there putting in only two places to turn in charcoal, seems a lot of the sand is being taken out of box every patch. XL has made it, to where it is no longer feasible to run any packs, XL has done everything to promote a slow down of the economy by raising prices on all commerce they have doubled the price of gold on everything you want to buy, seeds, livestock, trees. XL has doubled labor cost on larders, an made upgrades totally out of control, XL's only mission is to make money in the cash shops, and to slow the progression of the game down for regular players that only buy patron status and let the whales, support the game further by purchasing from the cash shops and buying the apex, in turn they (the whales ) get to thrash a regular gear scored player, If you have been playing this game as long as i have, an have not had the RNG on your side, or not a whale, than your probably still about 2 to 3k gs off the top players which will one shot you if they know their class, my point is, to fix this i have some ideas for new players an returning players.
    ⦁ Give all new players a quest-line or certain goals that wouldn't take them not more than a couple of months to complete to be able to get gear equivalent to divine delphinad by doing this in this time frame they can learn there character , skills, and be able to compete with other players sooner keeping there interest in the game. New players find this game insane as far as trying to catch up to 3 or 4 year or even two year players. If they are not (whale status) and spend thousands of dollars they will never catch up. so why play? This is only one of the reasons the game is failing.
    ⦁ Cash-shop should only be for vanity, and cosmetic items, Nothing that gives advantage to certain people
    ⦁ Put all of the helpful items in that where in the cash-shop into the game, so people can farm them off mobs, or high amounts of gold,
    ⦁ Revert the trade and pack system back to 3.0 or before by doing this players can make as much gold as they want ( buying the new use to be cash-shop items) this keeps the gold out of the game makes a good economy and gives the power of control back to the players.
    ⦁ Bring back freedich isle, be able to turn packs back at freedich isle, say for a new form of currency to like start a new
    ⦁ Bring back fishing, the fishing is so terrible now for profit, i spent 1k labor the other day to get not even 80g worth of fish, up the price on fish nobody even fishes anymore Trion/XL did a great job at making all fishing not worth going out on the high seas for.
    ⦁ Lastly the game needs more end game content
    Players are very tired of seeing Trion/XL not listening to them that's why the decline in the game is so rapid, its not the world of Archeage that is bad its the developers trying to fix something that wasn't broke to begin with, I would advise the Teams at Trion and XL to start listening to us (the players) and stop just throwing trinkets at us to control a what use to be a great sandbox game.
    I know this was long thanks for reading,
    Jacksparrow, Inoch, Manure, Thunderwing

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    ⦁ Bring back fishing, the fishing is so terrible now for profit, i spent 1k labor the other day to get not even 80g worth of fish, up the price on fish nobody even fishes anymore Trion/XL did a great job at making all fishing not worth going out on the high seas for.

    Yes, the fishes-gold to low, but, what is the best price for 1000ap in fishes? Its 120g? or 150g? or 250g? Make i a Pak and bringt it to the best spot, i become +- 20-40gold, but the pak have cost 100ap and materials. Or i buy a pak for 49gold an bring it over the ocean an become 70-75gold , also for 100ap its ~20g cashback. ~20gold x 10 = 200gold.
    ArcheAge is the best sandbox game I know, but where in the world is the sandbox content, where players can help shape this beautiful world?
    Where is more choice in houses, farms and vehicles? Where can more areas be used to live in? Why can not we give our cities progress? Better walls, extensions to the port, more ship types and more vessels with a selection of optical designs. (eg another merchant ship, the optical looks a lot different)
    Give us players more individual participation options!

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