Long have you wandered through the lands, overcoming every challenge, every obstacle. The time has come to tell your tale, to share it with others... a little personal fame wouldn't hurt, either!

Will yours be an epic saga of your conquests or a tragic tale of loss? Will you talk of your travels across Erenor, or recount the building of your nation?

Celebrate the release of 5.0 Relics of Hiram with us! Share your Erenor story here and perhaps your story will immortalized within a tome in the game itself for future generations of adventurers to read. Perhaps you will be granted a title appropriate to your literary skill! only the best will qualify for these honors, of course.

Every valid submission has the chance to earn one of three book pets!

Challenge Guidelines:
  • Submissions will be accepted in response to the official entry thread from October 18 to midnight, PDT (07:00 UTC) on November 1, 2018.
  • After that time, the entry thread will be closed and the parchments will be piled high for the Elder Literati to review. This thread will remain open for discussion.
  • Tales of Erenor are expected to be in-game, in-character.
  • In your submission, please include your author's name (the character you wish to receive the book, should your tale be chosen) and server name (pre or post-Evolution).
  • Each tale must be, at minimum, 500 words, at maximum 1500 words. We have Daru that will count them.
  • References to out of game topics will be quietly set on fire in the wastebasket.
  • Submissions containing vulgar terminology or sexual references will be locked in a lead-lined box and buried, lest the Elder Literati suffer undue heart palpitations.
  • We reserve the right to edit the tales before final publication - spelling and grammar are not as important as good storytelling.
  • Your tale may be submitted in English, French or German, and will be translated.
  • The chosen selections will be read aloud on an ArcheAge Livestream and will be made into books that will be granted to you in game, along with a new title. They will be delivered no later than December 30, 2018.
  • The decisions of the Elder Literati are final. They are very quiet, very secretive and very ancient. We will not disclose their names or location.

Ah, I see that we have questions! Please feel free to ask them here and we will address them!

Entries will go in a separate thread that is for entries ONLY - it will be posted on Friday, October 18th.