I look forward to the evolution. It lets me take a hard look at the map to decide where is best for me to start again with the idea to better myself with respect to trade run profits

I have 2 characters geared for trade runs on both sides of the water. This is some of what I must consider

Nuian / Halcy fert trade runs to Two Crown. Get a piece of land close to the border of Two crown and its a 1 minute run with B200 to trade post and 18ish gold per pack. Just need to be aware you got a 50 m dash through pvp land to the border . Also 28ish gold for larders to solzreed

Ahnimar / not worth the trouble imo to try and turn peace to 2 provinces all the time = not as productive

White Arden / Gwynedd both solid middle of road prices for packs and fast 10 - 15 min runs with hauler = good turn arounds

Aubre Cradle just absolutely worthless

Airian Rock has a stable larder price of 24ish but the 25 min hauler run gets boring day in and out

Hyranya Sunbite has a stable price for everything from 15g for normal and 25g for larder with fert not bad at 17g and a 15 to 20 min hauler run depending on where you house it

Falcorth is a hidden gem when you first look at the worst larder pricing anywhere then notice how other packs get a +15% on top of the 130 for a 12 min delivery time . This is super easy to do with a B200 over the mountains and into Vill in 4 minutes flat and returning you with 16 to 18 gold per pack making this fert run one of the best

Rockhala is ONLY good for larders punching out high 30's per pack . The other packs are not worth the little extra gold you get vs other places to live when you consider its a 20 to 25 min trip to market over rough terrain and usually thru pvp province. Although the many various routes out of Rockhala make it more viable than the one bridge on Nuia side from Ahnimar when traveling PVP lands

Windscour is not bad pricing for a border pvp province with 2 bridges and lots of open area to traverse to run to the pve border

Arcum Irus is modest pack pricing with a 12 min hauler trip but if your going to do larders you may as well go sunbite for the extra gold and add 3-5 more min travel time

Silent forest is solid pricing much like sunbite but takes an extra 5- 10 min longer than sunbite to get to solis with a hauler

I did not cover everything here , just sharing some things I will be considering when choosing where to be for the land grab. Feel free to add any of your own perspectives

I only play this game to trade run / farm / work the economy and never pvp. F.Y.I