I have noticed some players trying to find a guild but giving inadequate information, and not receiving any feedback. This is just a simple list of things to include to better help connect you to prospective guilds.

1) INCLUDE YOUR SERVER: Several post looking for Guilds failed to mention which server they are on.

2) INCLUDE YOUR ALLIANCE: are you East? West? Pirate?

3) WHO ARE YOU?: Give a brief summary of your class, gear, play style, and goals in game. This will help allow leaders to see if you fit the demographics of their Guild.

4) RETURNING?: Are you an old player returning after an extended absence? If so mentioning guilds you were previously involved with, depending on the reputation of the guild this may increase (or decrease) your chances of finding a guild willing to accept you who is familiar with your previous guild.

5) WHAT DO YOU HAVE?: If you have any Vehicles beneficial to the guild including but not limited to, Merchant ships, warships, ironclads, ect list them.

I'm sure there are more things to add here but this is what just came to my head. If others have suggestions post them below and I will add them to the list.