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    Chronicle of the East: Isaias' chapter (Isaias, Aria server)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Shortly after his adventures in dealing with Haman and exploring the memories of Melissara, the legendary assassin, Isaias (Ay-Zay-Us) wondered the Karakass Ridgelands along with his Firran companion Luka. With neither Family nor Home to return to, they survived by taking on quests from small towns, ridding them of monsters plaguing the fields or fetching supplies just out of a civilians reach. One day, they stumbled upon a lone Templar, attempting to gather supplies from the Dragonkin of Karakass. Rushing to his Aid, Isaias made quick work of the dragonkin and befriended the Templar, Duke.
    Duke belonged to a small guild named the <Knights Watch>, which openly accepted Isaias after hearing of his efforts to assist Duke. However, it wasn’t long before internal strife broke out, and the Knight’s Watch disbanded. Duke, Luka and Isaias remained inseparable however, going from guild to guild together such as <Venture> and <The Arcadian Trading Company>. Internal affairs tearing each of the guilds apart, until finally, they rested their heads and settled with a guild named <Unity>.
    <Unity> was made of two guilds <Brewtopia> for those favoring trade, and <Unity> for those who could brave the frontlines against the forces of Anthalon, Nuain invasions, and Bloodthirsty thieves who had turned against their countrymen. Isaias felt nothing but at home, being able to assist those in need and in the company of good hearted people, he found himself far more driven than ever before. Although he wasn’t strong enough to brave the frontlines, he didn’t hesitate to protect Brewtopians on their trades across the Haranyan continent, Duke remaining by his side.
    The Leaders of <Unity>, Rade and Theirah, quickly noticed their efforts and assisted them in their quest for strength. Before long, Isaias was well revered amongst Brewtopia and Unity alike. Constantly he rallied them together to brave dangerous dungeons and the Ayanad Library,procuring weapons and armor for both himself and the guild. Once they deemed him worthy, Rade and Theirah asked Isaias to come over to Unity and fight on the frontlines with them. Isaias was ecstatic, without a second thought, he threw himself wholeheartedly into defending his friends and Nation.
    His first day, a report came that a Rift of Anthalons soldiers was opening near the Village of Nui’s Way, Ynystere. Reporting to the front with Unity, it was there that he saw them for the first time… The heroes of Haranya. Marveling at their leadership and stricken with Awe by the power granted to them by the love of the East Ishvaran people, Isaias haphazardly approached the Erenor Hero, Karding, and kneeled before him, begging that he impart knowledge and training upon him that he may better assist the frontlines. Karding looked down upon the young Haranyan, his massive size providing his gentle nature no justice, he took Isaias up with open arms.
    Under his tutelage, it wasn’t long before the East accepted Isaias as an Epherium hero, bringing glory to Unity and Brewtopia alike, filling Theirah with great pride, as Rade was no longer with them. As both a Hero of the East and a newly named Officer of Unity, Isaias held his head high, hoping that his family that had been slain by Haman were looking down on him with pride. This glory however, was short-lived. Civil War broke out in the East. Tearing the continent between Those who sought to keep Haranya United and those who sought that union through subjugation and tribute. Not to mention, a forbidden alliance between Nuian and Haranyan formed as well. Known as the Meow Meow Club, they wrecked havoc across all of Ishvara, bottlenecking resources and starving the advancement of their former kinfolk. Though many of his comrades fell, including Theirah, Isaias remained. Gruesome battle after battle he kept inspiring Unity to push on with <Venture>, which had reformed and become their ally, to end the war in Haranya. Now an Ayanad Hero, Unity made a stalwart stand against both the MMC and the Pirates of the East. Heavy losses were incurred on both sides, yet despite it all, war raged on.
    Before long, Isaias became the leader of Unity, with Luka and Duke as his seconds in command. Although Duke had become a wealthy merchant and a prominent healer, and Luka an esteemed craftsman and yata farmer, they as well as many others in the guild, trusted Isaias with their lives and well being. On his coronation, they stepped forth, endowing Isaias with gifts and trinkets to assist and protect him in battle so that He may lead them. Isaias found himself welling with pride, although he would have gladly traded it all back if it were to grant those preceding him their lives.
    Isaias withdrew from the frontlines, tending to the guild infrastructure and growing membership base. His presence on the front remained however, due to the many that grew beneath his teaching. Unity maintained it’s favor with the haranyan people, even amongst some of those in the dissenting side of the nation. Two infamous villains however, made it their mission to stifle that growth at every turn, spearheading the movement of the subjugation of Haranya. Their names were Scouser and Lord Sorcery.
    Through trickery and their influence over the faction, they sought to soil Unity’s name and remove their influence from the faction, provoking Isaias by attacking the weaker members of the guild. Isaias fought them with great fury, only to reach what seemed to be a bloody stalemate. The conflict grew cold as Isaias took to the shadows, trying to avoid the loss of life in his ranks. Yet Scouser Sorcery and their guilds Brutality, Water Rats, and Homicide Inc, pursued them along with Venture. Whilst stifling them at every turn, Scouser and Sorcery then accused Isaias Duke, Texas and Drizzittle, the leaders of Venture, of being inactive in the fight against the MMC and thus branded them as deserters against the Haranyan nation. However, due to their long standing good name, and the amicable attitude of all the members of the two guilds, few found the claims to be true. This period, due to an infamous dispute over a lemon vineyard, became known as The Lemon Wars.
    Slowly, Sorcery and Scouser lost steam, few haranyans rallied behind them against the MMC and their forces began to wither until they migrated and became no more. Isaias kept to his duties as Guild master and oversaw the growth of new and upcoming members. Another guild, once lost to the turning pages of time, re-emerged, Picking up where Sorcery and Scouser had left off. This guild was known as Sin, lead by one known simply as Woe.
    Once again, Haranya found itself in the depths of civil war. Unfortunately, this time, Unity itself was pushed to the limit and a divide began to rupture from within. Weary of Fighting,Duke and some others simply wished to surrender to the MMC and get their hands on the bottlenecked resources. Others, including Isaias, wanted to continue the fight, unable to forgive the MMC of all the bloodshed, although it had come under new leadership and sought to amend the torn Ishvaran world. Reluctantly, after long weeks of debate, Isaias finally left to the nation, leaving Luka behind to keep hold of those who were left. What happened next though, would break Isaias’ heart.
    Haranya mustered it’s strength and put forth its small riches to assault a Castle held by the MMC, Just as Isaias had touched the shores of Auroria to gather inside information as to how castles work; Fully intending to return to Haranya after conducting his own form of Espionage. A hard fought battle broke out within a day of Isaias being in Auroria. Haranya seized the Castle of Exeloch. When the Haranyans saw that Unity members lied amongst the MMC slain, their name became forever tarnished, and Isaias banished himself to Aegis Island mountains,wishing the cold would succeed where others had failed, and finish him off.
    Unbeknownst to him, he was still being chased. And as he looked up to the sky, Seven distinct stars shining above his head, he was prepared to breath his last. But a familiar light enveloped him and a young Firran woman wearing Unity’s banner, by the name of Hurala, stood over him, with Duke casting spells of healing upon him. She had born all the scorn that was rightfully his… and this inspired Isaias to stand up and return with them. Surprised, Isaias was greeted by old allies and friends when he returned to Haranya. Many of them wishing for him to return to his position as Guild Leader, renewing his resolve. He only made one change, in honor of the Seven stars he saw over him, He renamed Unity to what is now known as The Seven Star Union and still leads them to this very day.

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    Kyrios Server

    The third dive was the most successful of the first three.
    For the first dive, I only had enough time to do a general survey of the underwater topography of the region before my breathing device ran low.
    During the second dive, I was attacked by scavenger pirate divers, and had to abort. Their bodies are probably still floating down there, carried to parts unknown by the strong underwater currents, food for the fish now I guess.
    Before setting out on my third expedition to the ruins at the bottom of the Sunspeck Sea, I spent some time in the shallow waters off the Solzreed Peninsula, teaching myself to fight more efficiently underwater. I had only bested the pirates by wearing them out while they tried to penetrate the many defensive magics I wield.
    When I finally felt ready, I sailed my clipper to the next location I wished to explore. Both the weather and the water was warm and calm. Donning my swimfins, my experimental underwater breathing device, and my dive helm, I stepped off my boat, treaded water for a few seconds, then finally dove in and began the long swim to the bottom.
    This portion of the ruins featured a large ziggurat protruding from the sea floor. I swam down to the pinnacle of the building. I slid my hand along its smooth surface as I descended further, seeking an entrance. I found what I was looking for as I neared the base.
    After checking my remaining air, I swam into the gaping opening, the dark corridor barely lit by the light in my helmet. Eventually the corridor gave way to a large chamber. There, sitting on the floor in the middle of the chamber was something that sent my heart racing: a locked chest! I turned left and right, wary of any sea creatures that might be inhabiting this area - I had run into a few benign sea turtles before, but had only heard tales of other strange creatures, violent beings said to be minions of Dahuta herself. My light didn't penetrate far enough to see much of anything.
    Moving slowly, I made my way over to the chest. It was when I started examining the lock that I finally saw what I had been fearing.
    Something large came charging at me. I barely had time to get my shield between us before it hit. I was sent spinning backwards by the impact, still trying to draw my sword. I felt my swimfin hit the creature as I struggled to reorient myself. When I managed to get myself into a much better position, I saw that the creature had been stunned momentarily from the impact with my shield. I also finally got a good look at my assailant - it appeared to be made mostly of living water, just like the monster described in some of the rumors I'd heard. I guess they were telling the truth after all.
    Bringing my sword to bear, I started with a basic triple combo. It took much more effort underwater than it did on land. Unfortunately, this also meant that it was much less effective than I'd hoped.
    The creature was mad at me now. It attacked my with a two-hit combo. I caught its right 'fist', for lack of a better term, on my shield. It's left 'fist' came in so quickly, I didn't have time to pivot my shield to intercept it as well. I felt a solid hit to my chest, which forced a good deal of air out of my lungs and into the surrounding water, in the form of bubbles which blinded me momentarily.
    Not knowing if another attack was coming, I sent a pulse of magic throughout my body, toughening my skin and muscles just in case. Thankfully, this creature seemed to take a while to reset for a follow-up blow.
    It jabbed at me again. This time I was able to block both the first and second hits with my shield. As the creature recoiled from striking the magically enhanced steel barrier, I swung my sword in to strike where the visible currents of the thing's body seemed to coalesce. The way it flailed about as my sword struck told me I'd inflicted a good deal of damage. I quickly followed up with another triple combo, this one much more effective now that I'd found it's weak spot.
    It tried once again to strike me. This time I managed to parry both swipes with a deft flick of my sword. With that opening, I swam forward, shoving my shield into the center of the creature's body. With a loud pop, the magic holding the living water in burst, and the creature quickly deflated as all its mass quickly drained out.
    I just floated there for a minute, breathing heavily as I tried to calm myself. As soon as I was sure as I could be that there wasn't something else in here that could attack me, I sheathed my sword, swung my shield back over my shoulder, and turned my attention back to the chest.
    The lock still looked intact, even after all this time underwater. It must have been magically protected from corrosion. I swam around the chamber, searching for any key that might have been left behind that would open the chest. I had just about given up, when I saw the metal band that had been around my assailant. It had sunk to the floor, and there, dangling from a chain attached to a ring, was the key I needed.
    Taking the key, and dragging the chest out of the chamber, I made my way down the dark corridor to the exit. I swam up the side of the ziggurat, the shadow of my boat passing over me as it drifted across surface of the ocean, eclipsing the sun.
    I heaved the chest onto my clipper, panting from the effort. I removed my gear, and stowed it. Then the fatigue finally caught up to me. I part laid, part fell onto my back, and just rested there in the afternoon sun for a good while.
    Finally curiosity overcame my tiredness, and I pulled myself upright. Grabbing the key, I jammed it into the lock on the chest. It turned as if it was still new, allowing me to examine the contents.
    Inside were a couple of finely carved statues, a large metal helmet, and most importantly, some magically preserved pages. I hoped that once I had time to examine and decipher them, I could learn what had happened to send this civilization to the bottom of the ocean.
    Closing the chest, I secured it to the deck, then began preparations to come about, and begin the long sail home.
    Over the next couple of months, I made many more journeys to those ruins. The helmet I had found proved to be a better diving helm than the one I was using. Its craftsmanship was remarkable. The statues I had appraised, and sold them to fund my expeditions. The pages took a while to decipher, especially since I found many more during my dives.
    Eventually though, they yielded their secrets.
    It's amazing what destruction one mad man, bent on revenge, and wielding unimaginable magical power can wrought.
    Hopefully the world can learn from Alecto's mistakes, now that the events have been brought to public light.
    As for myself, my return from my final expedition to the Sunspeck Sea saw me arrive home just as the sun was rising. Exhausted, I barely had the strength to drag all my gear inside. I left it there on the floor, going upstairs and collapsing on my bed. I fell asleep immediately.
    I awoke to the news that the Ayanad Library's location had been discovered on the continent of Auroria.
    Having another set of ruins to explore, and another lost civilization to discover, I prepared my clipper to sail out once more...

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    Post A Dwarfs New Home

    A dwarfs new home

    A familiar world but not a familiar land. Everything seemed so new and strange, as if I had never truly been here before. My last memory of this world was many many years ago.. where I had once been well known and fought many battles. This place and this new face were unknown to me. Who was I? What was my purpose? Where even was I?

    I would soon learn that that I, Jenihime, am a dwarf from both future and past. Shatigon, our dwarven worshiped god, had sent me on a mission to save my people and this new place. No longer hidden, this world has only recently come to know us and our history. The new natives, elves and humans, deemed us “Loli's” as we are smaller and more youthful than them. Surely this is a term to describe the adorableness they see in us and not in a mocking manner. Such interesting people that roam the lands that us dwarves use to call home. My curiosity lead me to venture into their towns and cities to find out more about these mysterious creatures, especially the tall lanky elves with ears similar to mine.

    Perhaps it was only chance or maybe it was a trick of fate that when I stumbled into a main city of Marianople, I discovered the most interesting of them all. A tall towering yet beautiful sight stood before me on a majestic short-haired horse. It was, to my great pleasure, a leggy female Nuian with dark midnight hair and gleaming emerald eyes. She must have sensed my confusion as I gazed at her with an astonished yet surprised look. The lovely lady spoke only kind words to me as she offered her wisdom on the city and extended an invitation to her guild, <Haven>. I had no idea what a guild was but it seemed like a marvelous way to discover this unfamiliar place in a faster more efficient way. She informed me that the world would soon change in a big way and with it more people would come and join, blossoming into something more active and fun. I was intrigued, could this be the opportunity I have awaited for?

    One full of dwarves, nuians, elves alike, this guild is full of the most captivating enthralling people. Even before the great merge we have ventured into dangerous zones fighting mobs of different skills and levels while gathering knowledge on what lays beyond them. To learn about this new world with the help of such welcoming companions has truly made my heart soar with gratitude. Shatigon has surely blessed me with more than I could ever imagine!

    Our every changing yet unknown gods, to whom deemed the great many worlds they once created not populated enough, clashed together four ancient worlds to create one that they now call, “Aria.” With my new home and guild, I travel the lands searching for the answers of my new awaken powers, the local natives, and how to save the future of my race.

    Character: Jenihime
    Server: Aria
    Guild: <Haven>

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    The Ancien Gear from The Abyssal Legion! journal 1

    by Mazekeen

    Sever Ezi EU

    Once upon a time a young man was asked by his people of his Guild to go out and kill the mighty Abyssal Legion to gather the ancient gear that people Seek so that he allso one day can become the hero that the all know he will be.
    The Abyssal Legion lived just outside the village and had already killed many young men before him. The young man was afraid. He didn't want to have to go and fight The legions, but knew that if he said no, he would be seen as a coward by everyone in the Guild.
    So, he had said, "yes, of course, I will go and kill the Ancient legion". That was yesterday, when he had felt big and important to be chosen. Today he was simply afraid.

    He didn't see himself as a futher hero. He didn't like fighting, he wasn't very strong, and he cetainly wasn't couragous. In fact, he was just very ordinary, an everyday sort of person, with no particularly hero qualities. In fact, his way of solving problems was to ignore them, and hope that they would go away. Unfortunately The Abyssal Legion don't just disappear. So, he couldn’t just ignore them and hope it would go away.
    The young man began to collect together the things he thought he would need. He strapped on his sword although he knew he didn't use it very skilfully. He really only ever carried it for show. He couldn't think what else he might need, so he thought he'd better just go and get on with it.

    He soon came to the place where the Abyssal Legion lived. The Land was dark, and surrounded by dense Fog and Smoke. It was hot, and there was an awful smell.
    It was difficult to get through the grass coz noone been here for so long. just a few 100 meathers awhy he spote a Abyssal Legion it back was turned, but the young man knew the Legion was waiting for him.
    By now, he was beginning to shake with fear. How could he use his sword if he couldn't stop shaking? Slowly, the Abyssal Legion turned to face him, and the young man saw his eyes. With a terrible roar, the Abyssal Legion started to lumber towards him.
    The young man draw his sword. but He simply stood rooted to the spot. He suddenly realised that the Abyssal Legion had eyes that saw right into him. What was he to do?
    To his horror he gave a nervous little laugh, and He start to Laugh really loude. The Abyssal Legion stopped in its tracks and looked at him supried.

    the young man hade his eyes closet and starte to swing out after the Abyssal Legion.
    The Sword Hit it and brok as it hit the thick Skind of the Abyssal Legion.The young man Open his eyes and ther it was 2 Big eyes staring right in to his Soul.
    a louder and rumbling voice starte to speak.The Abyssal Legion asked the young boy what he like to be called.The young boy was Stunned.He hade neder heard of an Abyssal legion to talk and had certainly never heard anyone lived to tell the tail.

    here Ends the journal 1 of The Ancien Gear from The Abyssal Legion!

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    The Day I tamed the Beast

    I've been wandering the lands of Erenor for a long time, and, like everyone else, I heard the stories and legends of the ferocious beast that brought doom over countless ships and their whole crews in the western parts of the Arcadian Sea – the Kraken.

    Both scared and excited I listened to the plans of my clan to fight off this beast, bring peace to the seas and be rewarded with the treasures the Kraken was said to hold for those who defeat it.
    As we set out to find the Kraken in the rough Arcadian Sea, our search took us to the south of the infamous pirate island Growlgate. We knew we were in dangerous waters, when suddenly sails were spotted on the horizon. Expecting a fleet of filthy pirates, we were surprised when we identified the ships as Nuian property. Apparently word of the treasures of the Kraken had spread and greed, honor and a history of war caused us to fight a naval battle worth its own story, but I am not here to tell you this one.
    Before the battle even started, my captain told me to leave the ship and find what we came for, the Kraken itself.

    Willing to risk my life by following his orders, I stepped on the plank and with a little prayer to Dahuta I jumped head first into the cold, clear water of the Arcadian Sea. Leaving the battle behind, the cannon shots becoming quieter and quieter, I was swimming south when in the distance a huge, frightening monster appeared! Stopping and holding my breath by the sight of this scary, but also kind of majestic, monstrosity, I was about to dive down and hide between the rocks at the bottom of the ocean, when suddenly our eyes met. With a loud, never heard growl, the enormous Kraken started making its way towards me and I felt its strength when one of the beasts huge tentacles hit me in the side. With the power granted to me by the god Aier I managed to restore myself and so began a fight that looked like a macabre dance between me and the Kraken, when I tried dodging its tentacle hits. Spending hours eye to eye with this beast without any word from my clan my eyes caught another threat coming closer as a pirate ship came into view on the horizon.

    Scared for my life I reached down to the pouch on my belt to drink a potion made by one of our most famous alchemists, dove down under the surface and was relieved when I could breath under water like a fish. The Kraken right behind me, still trying to take my life, I dove down to the bottom of the ocean, but it was too late – I have been spotted! The giant pirate galleon came to a stop right above me and while I was making my way through countless shipwrecks on the bottom of the sea I saw a good dozen of pirates jumping into the waves and fearlessly swimming towards me and the Kraken.
    I saw no way of surviving a fight against these ruthless thieves, even less with the Kraken still coming for my life, so I started praying for the blessing of Dahuta, hoping she would see that those pirates were a bigger threat to the seas and to her Kraken than I was. The pirates, far more skilled swimmers than myself, catching up to me with every minute that passed, I made a plan. Taking all my strength and willpower together I stopped and turned around, facing the Kraken and holding eye contact with this scary beast of the seas and by some miracle it seemed to understand what plan I had in mind! The pirates now dangerously close to us started to draw their weapons and the first arrows began to hit both me and the Kraken. I looked up at them, a little smile on my face, looked back at the Kraken, and nodded and as if it was the most natural thing ever, we started to dance out little dance once more. I dodged its tentacles that swiped to the left, taking a bunch of the pirates with it – swiped to the right and damaged some others, throwing the pirates from one side to the other, falling unconscious and drifting away with the current. Some hardy and agile pirates survived and although fearing for their lives they wouldn't let go of their task of bringing my life to an end. Arrows kept raining on me and magic fire burned my skin, when I realized I would be running out of spells to keep myself alive soon. Desperately I looked up into the angry eyes of the Kraken just in time to see that it prepared itself to slam its enormous tentacles down on the pirates, who were trying to escape!

    Gathering my last powers together I closed my eyes, teleported right into the middle of those pirates and feared them all with the power of a Banshee Wail, before teleporting away just in time to see the Krakens tentacle rain down on the pirates, leaving no-one alive.
    Exhausted from the fight and scared of more pirates to come, I hid in the depths of the sea with the Kraken beside me for a little while longer until Dahuta decided to call her beast of the Arcadian Sea back to her and I was left alone in the dark, quiet depths of the ocean.

    Louney of the Server Ezi
    This story was inspired by real events
    ~ R.I.P. Kyprosa ~ R.I.P. Rangora ~ R.I.P. Prophecy ~ Ezi

    **still here**

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    Exploring the Seas

    Aria Server

    Waking up in a strange place I had no idea what was to come. I fought for days on end to grow strong and be able to fight anything that got in my way. But one day everything changed in the blink of an eye.

    I was taking a pack across the seas. The waters were rough and all I had was a rowboat. I was crossing an area that I had no idea what was out here. On nuia I was safe. The guards would protect me from any pirate or haranya. Out here though I was all alone. As I was rowing along I saw a ship in the distant. My heart started racing. It didn’t look normal. The sail had ghosts flying around them and it looked haunted. Was this the ghost ships everyone feared and few actually went out to kill? Yes it was! I was trying to move faster and hope that the ship didn’t catch me, but my life flashed before my eyes when I saw the purple cannon balls flying at me. The goddess of Nui saved me and brought me back to life.

    I fixed my row boat with some shatigon sand and bought a dahuta’s bubble from a friend and went back out. This time I had a plan. I was going to rescue my pack that now laid at the bottom of the sea. I would row until I got close to it then I would pop my dahuta and swim to my pack. In doing so the ghost ship could sail above me and do nothing. When I got to my pack I looked around to make sure no one was around. The coast was clear. I decided to continue swimming to the trade outlet since the bottom of the ocean seemed to be the safest place. No ships could spot me and the seabugs were too high up to see me and attack. Everything under the water was breathtaking. The plants and the sea life. I was in awe. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

    Once I got my pack turned in my life as I knew it had changed. I was now drawn do exploring the seas. I started crafting my own dahuta bubbles and I was told to have recovery pouches on me. I would soon learn what they were for. I want to start small so I went into the feuille sound first. I swam around check out all the coral, rocks and sea life. Then something caught my eye. There was a dark outline of something far out. I swam to it and as I got closer I noticed it was a ship that had sunk. Around the ship there were a few treasure chests and I was no even more curious. What could be in this? I found out that the recovery pouch could be used to raise the chest up to the top of the water so that it could be opened. I raised it up and opened it to find some treasures in it and a piece of a journal.

    I continued searching the seas for more sunken ships and the amount I found was insane. There are hundreds of ships in the waters. And the chests contain different things. One day I opened one and there was a pack in it. I was shocked. I asked around for where the pack should go and everyone said a relic trader. The safest one I knew of was in Two Crowns. I saw all the way there and turned it in for 100 gold. I was beyond happy.

    Exploring the seas had now become an addiction. I would go out during the day when it is easiest to see everything and then rest during the night. One day I was swimming around and I found a weird pack on the seafloor. It was a tentacle that was moving. What was this from? I figured that it had a to go to a fish stand so I took my row boat and went to freedich. I was hoping no one was here and I got lucky. I went to the stand and decided to make the pack into a house decoration. I went and placed it on my house and found out It was from the Kraken! This is amazing. I could touch the tentacle and was able to get a glimpse of its death.

    Then I found that under the seas was never ending. I went to the sea of drowned love and opened jars and chest that were hidden all over. Finding swims fins and a helmet there that helped me more than I thought they would. Then there was the sunken cruise ship. The seawise people haunt the area but I was able to avoid them and explore the ship wreckage there and even get some momentos. I found an area that I call the jellyfish field where a lot of them swim around . I don’t know what drew them there but it was neat. Then the spired isles is just a simple place but it has some eels guarding a few ships.

    The most interesting thing I found though had to be the turtlecraft resting places. Many turtlecrafts fought out in the arcadian sea and the ships lay at the bottom of it waiting to be recovered. I found at least 6 of them but sadly I still haven’t been able to get the materials to raise it up. One day it will be mine and no matter how much I explore the waters it will never grow old. The seas have become my new home and safe place.

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    Arcum Iris

    Simply Erenor

    By Meshu
    Jakar server

    In a land shrouded in danger and beauty, one false move could land you in jail or robbed of your booty. Treasure and gold is what we all seek, friends are better than foes so watch how you speak.

    War within factions brings good and bad actions. There are Navel battles and Castles besieged, some mythical creatures are downed with ease. Way to the North a Kraken slumbers, the key to victory is showing up with great ships and large numbers. A remote island is where Morpheus the forsaken hides, ironclads will be his demise. To the West in the mountain ridge a red dragon fly’s burning armies of any size. Way to the East Hanure the Hunter eats, to him an army is just a feast. Dungeons dwellers beware bring your potions and buff up before you go in there. Everyone has a job to do tank, ranged, melee, healer which one are you? Within Serpentis Siroth the Infernal waits, he kills all who hesitates. In the sea of drowned love lives Dahuta the great witch farming her garden might make you rich.

    Peaceful people all around, they work their farms and bring goods into town. So many professions to master or ways you can barter. Like planting seeds and waiting for larders, some care for their animals, others just slaughter. You could choose mining materials from nodes of ore, a carpenters building homes and décor, or the logger who loves a good thunderstruck tree, to those who fish and spend their time out at sea. The ocean is plagued with ghosts and sunken ships. On the seafloor is where treasure might sit. On the surface jelly fish and sea bugs attack, they will end your days if you don’t watch your back. All of these options related to crafting in some way, a good day of labor exhausted, work comes before play.

    A lot of your time maybe spent exploring Erenor’s magnificent sights. Some elegantly dark others are lovely and bright. Like the stars up above when you’re sailing at night. Stunning sunrise and sunsets will melt away your regrets. Overcast and rain can be very fickle sometimes navigating can be a pickle. From mountains to the open plains to the dunes of sand and player killed blood stains. Views from gliding up high or swimming threw crystal clear water do what thou wilt there really is no real order. So many environments and things you can do. The hellish swamps, beaches of paradise, Snowy wonderlands, or forest of bamboo find a place to call home where you enjoy the view.

    Erenor has a lot to offer, wars going on and hunts to join, many ways to make your coin. On your journey there are friends and enemies to be made, decisions should be carefully weighed. There are Goods to trade, Guilds to aide, debts to be paid, in the court of law opinions to be swayed. The world is waiting for you don’t be afraid, even if you meet my blade.

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    To those, who will come after us..

    They say "the sun only sets to rise"
    for the longest time I did not believe that was true
    how could the end of a time you loved open a door to something else?
    let me tell you a story about time and of those we have lost

    Ever since I was young all I knew was the safety of the woods I grew up in. I liked the silence and the peace but I never really felt at home.
    Travelers used to tell tales of adventurers and I felt the calling growing stronger...
    So the day came when it was time to leave and start my very own journey.

    I set out with a bunch of friends exploring the mountains of Lilyut Hills
    until one day I meet the group of people
    I would spend most of my time with for many moons
    they were different, everything they accomplished
    they'd do for the greater good of their--- ...our guild.
    We did a lot of exploring and settled down in the Windscour Savanna, built houses worked the fields 'til late in the night
    and faced many perils.
    We would sneak through Arcum Iris transporting trade goods 'til we reached the cliffs at Mahadevi Port, and believe me when i say getting down those was an adventure of it's own.
    All for the charcoal needed to craft equipment for our members.

    Over time we became a real team, we worked hard to conquer the secrets of Serpentis and for the first time in my life I felt like I truly belonged somewhere

    We made many new Allies throughout Erenor, we met Nuia's greatest trading force roaming the sands of Dewstone and the biggest Haranyan trader, a Firran who cared nothing for fighting. He was connected with a lot of people having expanded his trading all across the world, regardless of faction.

    Though not everyone approved of that peaceful way of thinking, and during the period of the big trade rushes from Hellswamp they built roadblocks and forced those who wished to pass to pay a toll.
    Even though there was a lot of hate it demonstrated something very important; A common enemy unites us.
    I will never forget those times strangers helped each other transport goods in order to defy the threat of those who sought to take for their own benefit what was not rightfully theirs.
    They were trying times but they showed more than not that there is undeniable good in people.

    Our journey continued on to the Ayanad Library and during our exploration those I'd come to rely on went missing.
    I don't know where they went and those who went looking for them never returned.
    Our time together had come to an end and all we had worked to create seemed to disappear.

    This was the day my sun set and when it rose again the colour of my world shifted.
    I thought I had lost everything. I blamed myself for being careless. Could i have changed something?
    That question haunts me still.

    A hole in my life that nothing could fill emerged.

    A friend of mine, probably the biggest loudmouth in the world,
    called me "the last one".
    He was joking but he was right, I am the last member of my guild and there is not a single day i wont remember the the fun we had and the hardships we overcame together.

    Time goes by very slowly when you don't have a purpose...
    Every attempt to find one was a fruitless struggle until I joined a bunch of crazy people, the craziest of which was their guild leader. A strange person who would run around making (what he claimed to be) trumpet noises with his mouth.
    However, people liked him despite his absurdity.

    Many moons have passed since then and there is still that unspeakable emptiness of those grey days... of blaming myself.
    Somewhere along that way i lost my name, my identity, my hope... or so i thought.

    I wasted so much time living in the past and the more i thought about it the more my mind cleared, coming to but one conclusion.

    Time does not wait.
    For no one will it ever stop.

    They say the sun sets to rise another day
    I didn't believe that was true. I still don't.
    The sun that set that day when my people vanished can not be the same that rises.
    Which only leaves me one option;

    To head for a new horizon...

    by Xeren

    Xeren- Server Jakar

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    Delly's Affliction

    I always considered myself loyal, not to myself nor the nation; but to my family, I did everything I could and more for them. Now you would be asking yourself who am I, what have I done that was so big to even write about this, well I’ll tell you about that later on.

    So, I was born on aubre cradle long ago, never met my parents because they served the crimson watch until the end of their days. But I had two brothers to take care of me, or maybe I could say… nah, let say they took care of me.

    We started our lives working the land, doing hunting task and other kinds of jobs. Till my middle brother, Kern, wanted to explore the world, be someone big, not literally because we were dwarfs, but more in the romantic ways; being a king or a well know adventurer, or maybe the most feared dark knight. In the other side my older brother, Barry, just wanted to live with large amounts of gold. But, in my opinion I just wanted to be with them, be useful.

    So, Kern came with the idea of joining a guild. it was an age of adventuring, the war between east and west was recruiting guilds to join their forces, so we took advantage of that to join one. The actual guild we joined had a grand part of the west nation support, rivaling other very big guilds. After some time during the war, we had some troubles fighting the east because, our nation started turning their back on us; the east was growing stronger, and there wasn’t much to be done if people didn’t want to try and fight.

    I wasn’t that useful in those days, trying to heal my brothers and friends wounds every time I could but it wasn’t enough… So we had to retreat some time while our leader tried to convince others to join or even make some alliances to fight the incoming menace. In that moment Kern, Barry and me settled up on Halcyona uphill prison camp. We started making fertilizers and selling them on Gweonid getting tons of golds while working the land planting some trees too. Barry and I loved working the land, so we could get better armors for us and help out again in the front lines. But Karn wasn’t very pleased with that, he wanted to keep fighting the enemy and not chopping trees or selling ferts like we were doing. So he started joining other guild members for stealing supplies from the enemy.
    We couldn’t do much for him, he wanted to gain fame by his own way, and we were focusing us on other things. Or well, that was before he came to the house with very devastating news; our guild was joining the pirates… The reason was that our leader, the one we followed for so long was disappointed of the nation. They wouldn’t move a finger anymore for us to fight the east nor do anything at all, we already had problems with several dangerous guilds from our same nation. So he said that “If we don’t have the support of the west and plus fight their own battles, then we will not serve the west anymore.”

    I didn’t know what to say, I’ve never killed anyone in my life, I was a priest, how could I do that and still look at myself at the mirror… Barry discussed that with Kern, but he just convinced him with the idea of making tons of gold easier than working like we had been doing since kids. Barry was quick to convince me to join them because he knew some people that could make us criminals without doing nothing so bad like killing or stealing. So I agreed to them but just the condition of not doing anything of that with them.

    So we joined the pirates, we started living in the pirates isle were the unique rule was that there is no rules there. So, while the guild raided east and west ships, I started finding other ways to make gold more than killing and stealing. I started fishing on the arcadian sea, knowing that people don’t like to encounter pirates. But there was always someone already fishing there, but like I would actually care… So, I joined them on the fishing spots.

    Doing that I met tons of people from the east and the west, and it was so peaceful that even them started fishing without fighting between them. I called that, The Fisherman Truce, just mere words that meant a lot to me, because of how people can team up for completing their own objectives without fighting. I felt very happy early that day for just knowing that i made myself useful without needing help from my brothers like I always did… Or that was till later on that I arrived the island…
    My guild friends lying in the sand, bleeding to death, and others just not being there; and me fearing the worst… I saw Barry looking for me, he was shredding tears looking for me, just to tell me, that kern died in the last raid… He explained me that they fought against some west ships in the sea, but after they won with heavy casualties, reinforcements came and raided the isle to end with the rest of the guild. Kern, our leader and lots of friends died during that blood spilling carnage. Others, got arrested, and Barry made it alive because he bought he knew some of the soldiers he was fighting.
    We, and some others that weren’t around most of times raiding small ships and stealing merchant ships were left; the last pirates in the sea… Or well, that was what I thought until Barry left me; he told me he would be joining The Nuia Alliance again, and he would do everything he could to help me to return too.

    So, I kept waiting in the Isle, didn’t fished those weeks due to Kern death… I felt guilty, if maybe I stayed and helped them instead of fishing, or maybe if I just convinced him to not join the pirates and trying something else, maybe we could have… Be Together again, us three.

    Weeks passed, and there was no answer from Barry, made me think that maybe he got captured and didn’t made it, or worst… Or that’s what I thought until I came back to our house in halcyona. When I realize, it wasn’t our house anymore… I managed to get some information from the actual landlord, and he told me that Barry sold everything and left somewhere else; and with the hurry he had, looks like he didn’t want to be found.

    And this is all I can tell… Sitting in the guest room from my old house that the new land owner lends me for today for not hurting him for the information (I couldn’t do it anyway…). So, after taking a nap, I’m going to turn myself in to the authorities, maybe find someone starting its adventures and ask him or her to do it. So, he gets something from my own bounty, and that would be the best thing I could do for someone now on… More than crying in silence while I’m still trying to sleep…

    I mean, I always considered myself loyal… but I should have started to be loyal to my own self…

    So, now you know my story, from a year i didn't even remember, and probably for the time for you to find this book in Marianople Library, I might be dead, in jail, or maybe planting some pines on my parents land. So if you find me one day, alive or on a tombstone, then take your time to tell me your story, because even my ghosty self would like to hear it!

    -Never Strikes Twice, Esdelly.

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    Un-Aggroed Yata

    Un-Aggroed Yata

    Why does a 10 plus year veteran wear a Yata costume, you ask?

    It’s simple , Wife aggro

    You laugh but you know how it is . This way of life is not an easy one. I started in Arcum Iris with dreams and hopes like most Harani. Exploring the world, learning and developing skills, getting weapons and equipment and upgrading them for future fights, and building an income for yourself, it was a slow process but things were going well.

    But you see my wife is the quiet type. No you have never met her, but you may have heard her from time to time. It was not a problem until the quest for the Dream Earring.
    I see you nodding. You have nightmares of the library too? I can’t look at books without shuddering. The months of killing , searching for the painting scraps, getting shards, the toll began to wear on me. The time sink it took and I am still not done . But worse , I felt eyes watching me as I spent more and more time there.

    Nothing was said, mind you but you know that feeling, that silent aggro.
    Although I was farming , doing trade runs, trying to help the faction with battles, and now the library earring quests, there were other things that needed to be done. With more time away from home, that pressure slowly intensified.

    Perchance, I was doing a trade run to Lutesong Harbor , in Villanelle, she commented how pretty the cherry trees were.
    Thinking quickly I saved up my gilda and built a cherry treehouse . I also found a purple hat snowman to add to the decor. Her eyes shone, and she was quite happy with the view .
    I knew what I had to do .

    At first , there were the pirate plush troves . I searched for them on the auction house and got some good deals. Practical and cute, perfect to decrease any aggro I may have accumulated.
    And since my wife likes holiday items and the color purple, all events were a must especially if plushies were involved. Massive Jack-O’-hattern plushie and Snuggly plushie were obtained. Nutcrackers, holiday decorations, you name it tried to get. I saved gold to buy plushies . The Greenman plushie pet was a huge bonus.

    Now you get why I wear a Yata outfit costume. Constant wife de-aggro ability. You know how much aggro I can decrease while wearing this pirate yata costume while playing Toccata in D minor on the Spooky organ? No I do not have the fraken-yata. I still do not have much luck and I still need gold to work on equipment. Can’t spend it all on wife aggro. I do have the Winter yata costume. Cute really but I think it creeps her out after she saw a guild of them standing together.

    But now as new hiram pieces are found and new areas in Auroria need to be explored while fighting off the pirates and other nation and factions, more and more time will be needed. And the Dream Earring and Ring still needs to be completed .

    I feel I will need to find other ways to help with the wife aggro. Gotta keep those eyes off my back.
    Know any deals on cheap dessert furniture or purple yata plushies? I am always in the market so look me up if you have a good deal.

    Character: Xneps
    Server: Kadum

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