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    Lordicarus Well done Trion ArcheAge is dead

    This is the last post from me as i am finished with ArcheAge for good but there will be more than i leaving this time as you pushed all the EU servers in to 2 servers did you not see this happening a lot of people did not get placed so if they can not get there houses and farms down there is no other reason for them to stay well done Trion World you have done it this time well i was going any way but a lot of my friends are going also for me ArcheAge is dead Khrolan (Merv) did you not see this happen

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    I think what we see here is proof that ArcheAge is far from dead.
    It was physically impossible to allow all players in at once, or the servers would have crashed repeatedly.

    After the last Evolution, I just bided my time and was able to buy land in a good location for a very modest gold investment within a month.
    I hope that if you come back one day that you will find this to be true for you as well.
    In the meantime, we all wish you well in whatever other worlds you move to.

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