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Thread: Remember long ago when

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    Remember long ago when

    Finding land for available housing was so difficult? And you were mad at yourself for shelling out your hard-earned cash? But your patience paid off and you finally found open acreage in far-off lands. You didn't even care if your neighbor was knifing you while tending your crops!! You owned a piece of land! You even put a house on it!

    And remember when you finally became really good at the owning land part? Multiple houses! Mansions! Living on sea? Global travel! Foreign lands! Living your dreams!

    Not me, those were other people's dreams, lofty dreams I will admit, but my dreams were a bit simpler--just sitting on my porch or fishing off the cliffs from my lakeside homes.

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank those that made it possible for having to live the experience again? Oooh, wait a sec..., I believe I see something off in the distance....its available, and its affordable. Oops never mind, I was dreaming of when I finally moved into my first real home in Los Angeles--the knifing attacks were flashbacks.

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    lol my first land was in calmlands... quite a dangerous area for a newb

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