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Thread: Questions about "Hiram gear"

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    Questions about "Hiram gear"

    Hi everyone i just return to the game after long time i didn't played Archeage and i have few questions about the new Hiram gear

    1. Parts of hiran gear can break up in Up tier / Up grade? (If yes what the safest way?)
    2. There more things i need to know about Hiran gear before i start the gear?

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    Hiram gear cannot break only crystallize when increasing tiers. however you can uncrystallized and With Honor item. the more. Upgrading fails the better percent chance you have on the next one think failstacks from BDO

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    1. if you go to an area and do 2 AOE pulls (about 20 mobs, 10 in each pull) and don't get some crates, honor clickies, or hiram essence/armor/weapon/inst then move to another spot. do not pop pots, only after it looks like things are dropping. coinpurses do not count as drops.
    1b. if you CANNOT do such large pulls without dying then do the equivalent of that many mobs first before you decide to stay or go.
    2. tier 1 goes from grand->celestial. when you get to celestial you may get a free blessed hiram awakening scroll.
    3. to upgrade to tier 2, you take your tier 1 celestial item and use awakening scrolls.
    3b. each awakening attempt costs 10 awakening scrolls and adds a stacking success chance. if you bank your item or put in otherworld, you may LOSE this stacking chance - do not remove from your inventory once you try to start awakening.
    3c. the best way to awaken is to use 3 10-scroll awakening attempts. if it crystalizes, you need the 10k honor de-crystal scroll from the honor shop.
    3d. if you fail 3x at 10-scroll attempts, you use a blessed scroll. this adds a MASSIVE stacking success chance, and you will have 100% chance to tier-up to radiant hiram (tier 2).
    4. after you leveled to tier 2, your radiant hiram item will have dropped from celestial to rare (blue), arcane, maybe heroic, depending how much xp it had.
    5. you will have to level it all over again.
    6. leveling celestial to divine tier 2 takes a while. depending on your luck with drops its taking me 3-4 hours per item, and thats not to hit 100%, thats just to divine it. but i have simply awful rng and ive had guildmates whose farm rate is 75%-100% better then me. (unless they are exaggerating.. the e-peen factor must always be considered)
    7. at divine tier 2, you get full 6 gem slots
    8. at 6 gem slots is when you would want to gem your item. hopefully you've saved up and have at least tier 2. i am not sure what gem changes are coming since there is no 5.0 patch notes.
    9. you can do onesey-twosey on the gems but this costs you more labor and gold in the long run i think. it's better to do it in one-shot if i remember correct.

    when choosing items to keep or throw away (throw away means to synth into another item, dont throw them away!), usually you want to look for an item with 2 good stats before you start leveling it. of course RNG is RNG so that last stat may be a pain to obtain. generally speaking it's easier to get RNG luck and choose a new STR/STA/INT/AGI type stat then it is the combat/healing related ones. there are less of the stats to choose from, therefore you have a greater chance. so if you are a melee you'd want a weapon with melee crit rate and melee crit dmg. and then you try to re-roll the stat to str. if you're a healer you want healing crit rate and crit heals, and re-roll the stat for spirit.

    the best hiram armor you can get is 5pc main stat, hitpoints, reso. that will help you live in pvp or against mobs. the belt/bracers will vary depending on your build, some of the serp bracers are still superior. a few people take toughness and healing effectiveness on waist/bracer.


    best weapon (including bows):
    main stat
    +crit rate
    +crit dmg/heal

    best inst:
    main stat
    +evade/parry/block (your class)
    +melee/archery/magic attack or heal power

    best armor 5pc (defensive)
    main stat

    main stat
    heal effectiveness (or back stab dmg)*

    *note serp bracer still better for some class for backstab dmg

    ^^^^^ in general... look at the stats available and decide for your class/build

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