Trion/Gamigo, you are losing face by letting this downtime and constant crashes. This is exactly what made us, the player base, distrust and harbor bad feeling towards Trion in the first place, so please, do not make this mistake.

This is what I think should be the most interesting strategy for you as a company to not receivve losses and improve gamer's morale about the futur.

1. Give, immediately an schedule for the information on what is happening
Oct 28th - we will inform you about the new management
Oct 31st - we will inform you about 5.0.
Nov 3rd - we will inform you about how archeage will be in the next months."
As well as information in written form, because streams in Twitch do not give credibility at all. And worse, people like me, who are not American have difficulties understanding it.

2. Give AA some more technical support to sustain these crashes (which to me seen like a DDoS attack) I know you fired trion's personal but gamigo have its own personnel in the US for its American games correct?, why not use it? a plane ticket and some lunch money is better than people not buying packs/bundles/cash-items because they fear the end of the game... Finally.

3. Work on giving us a fixed schedule for the 5.0and subsequent patches as quick as possible, as well as some proof of your operational stability, like some GMs accounts which are active to soothe our worries.
An intern informing us of the game well-being and some small info about internal affairs is way better than no information at all. As you may know the brain tends to think of the worse in case of lack of communication, and like in 1929, people tend to not invest when in doubt of the tomorrow. Which ends up bad in your pockets, if you want AA community greens, good info should be a must.

I know my english is bad and that I cannot talk much about how Trion/Gamigo should do things, but I can least try. Please reflect about my words.

Thank you.