Hey people of the forum!

I was planning on making a website/web app that includes some games for the community to play, and some other things alongside it. Now the only problem is that I need to get some info from archeage's database, such as all the NPC's, items, mobs, objects, etc.
I looked for something from archeagedatabase and archeagecodex, but neither have an API that could help me out. Anyone knows of any way I can get the database of ArcheAge somewhere?
For those that don't know, an API allows you to take data from a database and use it on some other website. You could for instance get all the items from database A, copy it to your database B, and display all items starting with a C in their name on your webpage(small/bad example, but it shows what I need :P)

In case you were wondering what I am planning to make: I wanted to make an ArcheAge bingo minigame, where you get a bingomap and need to collect a row of items as fast as possible within a certain ruleset.
The other thing I wanted to make was a community quest creator, where you could input a lot of parameters, text, NPC's to talk to, quest objectives, and more things, to create your own custom quest for the game. Hopefully something like that will be added to the actual game sometime in the future, but for now, I wanted to just see what I can make of it.

Many thanks if you have something that can fit my needs, and I hope I can make this a reality sometime soon!

~ Ethylind