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ArcheAge: Relics of Hiram Official PTS Patch Notes
New Skillset: MaledictionThe Malediction skillset is symbolized by Orchidna, the Demon Queen. Abyssal voices corrupting her mind unleashed a force of evil magic that she passes down to her devotees. These demonic powers allow them to exploit the weaknesses of their enemies and further enhance their abilities when stacking charges.To increase the effectiveness of Serpent Glare, a new Sunglow Lunagem has been added:
  • Sunglow Lunagem: Serpent Glare – Increases the duration of Serpent Glare +6%
  • Splendid Sunglow Lunagem: Serpent Glare – Increases the duration of Serpent Glare +8%
  • Glorious Sunglow Lunagem: Serpent Glare – Increases the duration of Serpent Glare +10%
A Malediction specific instrument has also been added to the Arena Shop: Echoes of Malediction.This flute increases the rank of Crashing Waves +1, and costs 1000 Kyrios Badges.Abyssal Skills RemovedAll Abyssal skills have been removed. Some of the Abyssal skills can be found in the new Malediction skilltree and some in each skilltree’s passives. Players that completed the Abyssal questline will receive 1 set of compensation, and 1 additional set of compensation for each Abyssal skilltree that was leveled to max, for a total of 11 possible sets of compensation.Each set of compensation includes the following items: 30,000 Honor Points, 200 Kyrios Badges, 20 Abyssal Crystals.The Abyssal questline has therefore also been removed, but Orchidna’s Journals can still be obtained, in the Queen’s Chamber in the Cinderstone Moore.The title “Abyssal Adept” can still be obtained, but the title “Orchidna’s Disciple” is removed.Ancestral Level 34The Ancestral Level cap has been raised to 34.Each Ancestral Level adds the following stats:
  • Accuracy +0.05% (+1.70% at Lv34)
  • Toughness +10 (+340 at Lv34)
  • Received Damage Reduction +0.1% (+3.4% at Lv34)
  • Resilience +20 (+680 at Lv34)
The amount of required experience per level is as follows:Unlocking the Ancestral Levels now only requires 1 Honorforged Medal, available on the Honor Shop for 2000 Honor.New Zone: Western Hiram MountainsThe Western Hiram Mountains has been added to the Auroria map, bordering Reedwind to the north.This new zone has a Tropical, Subarctic and Arid climate and follows a 10min conflict period, followed by 50min of war and then cycling into 60min of peace. During war, the Loot and Gold Drop Rates are increased to 130%.The Western Hiram Mountains feature a variety of new monsters, of which the majority are Ancestral Level 7. These monsters drop Ancestor’s Coinpurses and Ancestral Crates, as well as Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls, used to awaken your T3 Hiram Guardian Equipment. Included in their drop tables are also Mysterious Hiram Infusions, which can be identified using up to 50 Labor and can contain Hiram Infusions of grade Rare (300 XP), Arcane (400 XP) or Heroic (700 XP).Also featured in this zone are new mining nodes called “Mysterious Mineral”, which can be mined to obtain Copper, Silver and Gold Ore, but also have a chance to drop the new Lunar and Solar Tempers, as well as Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls and Mysterious Hiram Infusions.While adventuring in this zone, players can also gain temporary buffs from aiding Wounded Hiram Owls and Injured Owlinas, giving Serpent Abominations their final rest and destroying Cube Shards that omit an ominous energy. The buffs don’t stack and fall off, as soon as the player leaves the zone.The following buffs can be gained:A series of new achievements have also been added for this zone. Some of them rewarding a new title and title icon once completed.Interested in exploring this zone yet?The Agents of Andrion and Amarendra found in the Nuian and Haranyan faction headquarters offer a free teleport to the trail head in Reedwind. Pirates and Player Nation members can head straight over and record the 3 new teleport locations in their books, for convenient access later. Talking about Pirates – all 3 camp areas have an aura of protection, similar to the protection aura at Trade Outlets, that block PvP and therefore there’s no pesky Guards that try to attack you.One last piece of advice: don’t venture too far north, or the bitter cold of the Millennium Blizzard will certainly freeze you to death.Brilliant Hiram Guardian EquipmentThe 3rd tier of Hiram gear has been added: the Brilliant Hiram Guardian equipment.This tier of equipment sits between Ayanad and Erenor in terms of strength, and is obtain by awakening Divine Radiant Hiram Guardian equipment with Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls. These scrolls can be farmed from mobs in the Western Hiram Mountains, and gained as a reward for completing 3 newly added daily quests.Each attempt to awaken your equipment requires 25 Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls, which provide a 10% base chance of success, and add an additional 5% chance of success for each failed attempt. Radiant Runescribe Quills, available for 600 Prestige on the Guild Shop, can be combined with 100 Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls to create 1 Blessed Hiram Awakening Scroll. Each attempt to awakening your equipment requires 1 Blessed Hiram Awakening Scroll, which provides a 25% base chance of success, and adds an additional 10% chance of success for each failed attempt.Blessed Hiram Awakening Scrolls have the additional benefit of protecting your Tempering Points. Equipment with Tempering Points of +20 or higher, have a chance to lose up to 2 points on a successful awakening attempt, but using a Blessed Hiram Awakening Scroll, will preserve your full Tempering Points. Important to note, is that the Tempering Points will never drop below +20, in case of a loss due to using the regular Radiant Hiram Awakening Scrolls.When awakening your T3 Hiram gear, your socketed Lunagems and Lunafrosts are preserved, and experience invested into the Divine tier carries over. Synthesis stats, applied image items and tempering points will be preserved and carry over as well.Brilliant Hiram Guardian Equipment can be synthesized to grade Epic and starts out at grade Unique immediately after successfully awakening it.Awakening World Boss EquipmentThe recipes to upcraft the following items have been removed. Instead, World Boss specific Awakening Scrolls can be crafted at any Proven Warrior Workbench, and used to unlock the second tier.
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