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Thread: Bow Hiram - Pdef Penetration or Crit rate

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    Bow Hiram - Pdef Penetration or Crit rate

    Hi guys :3

    I want to know whats better, a bow with pdef penetration or ranged crit rate?

    I have the 2 bows already.

    Hiram bow 1
    Ranged Crit rate
    Ranged Crit dmg

    Hiram bow 2
    Pdef Penetration
    Ranged Crit dmg

    My current crit rate its 62,1% without the crit rate of the bow.

    Can someone help me with that? >.<

    Thnks <3

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    Right now, crit is the strongest stat for any offensive build. The changes to crit chance, crit damage, and resil coming up soon might change that, but most likely your best bet will still be to get crit chance to 100% and get as much crit damage as you can up to the 300% cap.

    Changes coming will be a cap of 100% crit chance, and 300% crit damage. Resil will also become ~40% more effective as a stat, though I don't have numbers to tell you how much resil = how much reduction in crit chance and crit damage.

    As an archer, agility gives you crit chance so once you find yourself nearing the 9k+ gs range, you'll get really close to 100% crit even without it on all of your gear. So you might find yourself using the second bow.

    This website: http://archeagecalculator.com/# is really useful for theory crafting. Play around with it, and you can plan out a build since I believe it currently uses the 5.0 KR patch.

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