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Thread: Re: Meet the Community Team message

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    I'll be more than happy to acquire the assets of those leaving the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Player A
    and thats exactly why im complaining, if i, a severe addict ot the game is on the verge of quitting and refuses to give the money at this point, is that not a sign of negativity from your most veteran playerbase?
    Quote Originally Posted by Player B
    It indicates that one player is disgruntled, and probably plays with a land-rush mentality; the kind of people for which no content is ever enough.

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    You guys in a nutshell

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    I appreciate their decision on the matter. Chemy was a cool chick, but she should've been a bit more careful, when it came to her wording and responses. May she find another successful position in short time, now with more wisdom than she had coming in.
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    I would also like to thank Gamigo for their swift address to this issue. It is appreciated.

    The world needs more good people willing to take a stand for what is right against those who intend to do harm.

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