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Thread: To Gamigo

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    To Gamigo

    Please dont kill us. Thats all we really want. Trion was like a corrupt government. Please just be nice and dont kill the world we live in. Thanks

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    This is kinda long but please read it. I worked really hard on it.

    ArcheAge is the best game ever made. It's the only one like it. The game is unique because there's no ceiling. You can go as high as you want. In other MMOs, everyone is at the level cap with the best gear, and the same builds. This game is unique because there is no cap. It's based on an ever increasing gear score. People can buy their gear with Apex that they bought with real money, or they can work insanely hard for it. I work insanely hard for it and pay for Patron on 4 accounts, so I can do so. Taking Apex away, makes it not "P2W" but doesn't take the gear from the people who already have it. It, so they will still be there in 12-13k gear score. All 100 of them on the leaderboards, lording over the world.

    The problem has never been that people can buy gear. The problem has been that opportunities to make money from working hard, were taken away from everyone, both rich and poor and F2P, in game. This is because, where I do the work x4 on my 4 Patrons, the superpowers of the game do the work x20 x however many superpowered guildmates, further increasing the "gear gap." The issue has always been, any money that can be made, can be made x20 or x100, by the superpowers, so how do you keep them from making too much money, while simultaneously allowing normal players to keep making money. How does one nerf the rich and buff the poor if the economy in general applies to all of us?

    Without Apex, there's only people like 20 Patron guy, and a lesser evil of people like me, with 4. Then I become the bad guy "P2W" player. Then everyone shouts that needing Patron to make money is P2W. But if that was removed, there would be no revenue, and cosmetic items are simply not enough.

    No one knows how many players the game has, how much money the game makes, or what the cost to maintain it actually is, so realistically, no one can say what's best or worst for the health of the game, except the developers and publishers who have access to that data. Personally, I think that the game's biggest hook is the limitless growth that allows someone to truly become Legendary or even Mythic, instead of just working for a month to get the best gear and max level. ESO is great, but everyone is lvl 810 in best gear. Same with WoW. Max level, best gear. BDO same thing. Everyone sits at end game, farming mobs at max level best gear. It's boring. ArcheAge removing the limit allows the opportunity to be a Legend, and there's a Leaderboard full of the Top 100 Legends, but the issue is that not everyone shares my ambition to go as hard as I can for 4 years working towards my dreams. Most people say "too hard" and stop playing.

    I've been here since Alpha. I have 4.5k gs, a Legendary T7 Obsidian Nodachi that does over 1k dps, and no armor, besides the free stuff they gave us. My net worth is well over a million gold. I have 25 properties, and an obscene amount of most items in the game. I've gone very slow. I'm a farmer and a crafter. I grew a forest of fruit trees that covered half of Solzreed for 8 months. Personally, the only thing I've detested about Trion's decisions were the removal of 4 types of coral, and ocean blue coral, removal of the jujube drinks, making cooking worthless, and making fruit worthless, and the changes to the pack system making it progressively worse with each change. I lost a lot of money in all those changes. They set me back months or more with those changes. I have 500k fruit that is now worthless, because of those changes. Oh and of course the Auction House change was the worst of all of them. Allowing players to buy partial stacks, instead of the full sale listed, which made selling things way harder, and made it so I could no longer flip sales, and be an investment trader, buying whole markets, and reselling them. That was my main income, and my favorite thing to do. (That part I think was the biggest crippling change).

    They did it to limit areas where people were making too much money, in order to limit the growth of the gear gap. Well, I don't have any gear, and now I cant make money anywhere near as well as I could. I can still make money, and they compensated by making gear more affordable, and simultaneously releasing Erenor, so all the excess gear gets "eaten" by the insanely expensive Erenors. But the main problem still persists. How does one limit the growth of the superpowers without limiting the growth of the common player? Maybe the answer is in disallowing the oppression of the superpowers? I'm not really sure. (I think superpower bullies makes the game tbh) Personally, I like the game the way it is, although I wish the changes I mentioned never happened. I have my own plans to get gear still. They'll land me at about 10k to 11k gear score. I beat up 8-9k gear scored players with 4.5k and just a big sword. And that's enough to do all the content, so I think everyone should stop complaining. But of course they wont, and of course, my mentality is the minority. This isn't to offer an answer, just some insight. I hope you treat us well and protect out homeland Gamigo. Many people live their lives here, and to see it end would be like dying. People were extremely worried about Trion one day liquidating everything, discontinuing the game, closing the whole thing, and cashing out with a big bag of money. A real fear considering the way they treated us. Please be better than them. Thank you new fam.

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    It's simple. Diminishing returns on gear/armor grade/tier would solve the conundrum of average player being nothing more than fodder for many months. It would still give the "legendary" an advantage, but not as insurmountable as it is now. Nobody likes grinding in ESO and WoW? Well that's all it is in AA now, on the same mobs for hours a day and months on end, before you can even contest.

    And the majority of feedback asks for reversion of the trade system back to pre-3.0 specs. A few like to yell about how it's "better" now, but most realize they've just dumbed it down and taken out "choice" (like with professions).

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    Farming/packing has definitely been getting kicked in the teeth over and over. Removing mats required for some recipes was down right wrong. But, on the upside, they did increase the amount of mats needed to make a single pack 8P.

    The only thing I disagree with in your message is the system of being able to select the amount a player needs rather than being forced to purchase much more than they need. I don't see where that can possibly be causing you to lose money. The total amount you bring in from the sale is still the same, albeit, several people now get to purchase the product rather than one person getting it all.

    I don't see where this is a bad thing. There are those of us whose gold fluctuates and being thrifty allows us to obtain our goals. Needing 130 of a particular mat we can't grow easily and finding only batches of 1000 on the AH is not particularly beneficial. So I have to pay upfront gold to buy 1000, then pay a fee to list the 870 I don't need, all just to make sure you get your money for a full 1000 (which you could have broken down and sold in increments of 200 but chose not to) ?

    I'm just not buying your complaint that is has been a very costly change for you.

    EDIT: You bought whole markets just to flip them? So in other words you bought up specific Mats on the AH so you could relist them at higher prices, basically screwing the rest of the players just for your own profit?

    Wow. This changes my whole opinion. Makes me even more glad they changed the system.

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    XL needs to make the gear gap less and make pvp fun where people want to do it stop changing the game to force people to pvp when they do not. They need to understand the types of players in the game and attempt to bring a quality game to pvp, RVR and potatoes not just continue to screw over one or two sections of the player base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xydros View Post
    XL needs to make the gear gap less and make pvp fun where people want to do it stop changing the game to force people to pvp when they do not. They need to understand the types of players in the game and attempt to bring a quality game to pvp, RVR and potatoes not just continue to screw over one or two sections of the player base.
    They say that is what they want to do. They do the exact opposite because it gets people to swipe to be ahead.
    Epic Erenor Scepter - 856 Magic Att, 733 gimped DPS.
    Epic Erenor Katana - 815.3 DPS.
    Epic Erenor Bow - 693 DPS... worse than the gimped weapon even though it's a primary weapon.
    "Balance" . . . This doesn't even take in to account the 978.4 epic erenor nodachi, or 978 mAtt staff.

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    To Gamigo, and to all of you, this is a very good whole representation of the different perspectives on the game. Trion has no doubt made many moves to get people to swipe, by cornering the entire market, and disallowing any opportunity to make money, for sure. Everyone hates the post 3.0 Trade Pack system, for sure. Trion, in every update since debatably 3.0 or 3.5 has done nothing but screw everyone. Everyone fears updates, because we all get railed. Fleeting attempts to fix an economy by hindering people, and by removing content to do so. I agree that the way to fix the gear gap is to have diminishing returns on gear. I think they did well on that in Erenor. Now adding the new Ayanad Library Gear they're talking about may help that more. I dont understand removing Obsidian. I think that's stupid, but maybe not with the new changes, idk. I dont know what they are. As for the Auction House thing, yeah I would buy up all the people selling stuff for unreasonably low prices. THOSE people made it hard to make money! I was lifting the prices of everything, allowing sellers to sell for really high prices, in a constantly fluctuating highly variable market. Now everything is stuck at stupid low prices, cuz one guy comes in and lists 10,000 of something at 1/3 of the going price, for now reason. Now we all eat it. I was listing a lot of smaller stacks of like 300, 200, 100, 50, and 30, at increasingly higher prices, behind the 10 stacks of 1,000 guy. I would buy out people listed at more than like 12 hours, and leave the rest to fall off after 6 hours or so. This would temporarily raise the price and allow me to make more money by being crafty. I also, taught new player, who had trouble making money, how to do this, and I would help them do it, by giving good advice, and buying what they couldn't afford to buy. The price never stayed that high for long. It always fell back down, when I stopped holding the bar up. But now, everything is bricked at super low prices, and no one can sell anything. Everyone's stuck at less than 10 silver per 1 LP doing AH sales. It's hard to create an opportunity on there.

    Bottom line is Trion screwed all of us continually, like nerfing the entire population in every way possible was a good idea. We want opportunity again, but realistically, this has to be done carefully, or it will backfire and everyone will have 10 million gear score. Then all will cry and whine

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    Oh btw, here's that fruit forest of 20k trees that covered half of Solzreed for 8 months. The one I was talking about. Nowadays, there's not even a reason to grow trees anymore, besides decoration. I want my fruits back .-. I miss my forest a lot. I'll grow it again, if you give me a reason to again. But for now I'm just sitting on half a million worthless fruit. They're rotting and they smell.


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