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    Excited yet Disappointed

    I'm the kinda person that remains silently in the background while everyone else verbally dukes it out in the forums usually. However under the circumstances of the past month I can't hold my tongue any longer. What happened to the Evolution Compensation? I along with my entire guild have not received anything other than the Homecoming Warrior Package. I have searched the forums for an answer to this question to no avail. A simple, we understand your frustration and are working to resolve the issue would work for me just say something...

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    The Hiram daily boxes and infusions in the special section are also missing the info said it ends on the 15th and someone decided to end it on the 13th.

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    where are the rest of compensation packs !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XmahinaX View Post
    where are the rest of compensation packs !!!
    Like most people have said, it takes times. This was a response Fasti gave in another thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    Hey folks,

    The process of getting the various packs to everyone takes time. Please bear with us. Not everyone will receive each item simultaneously.

    We appreciate that you're all anxious to get the various goodies but it'll likely take a couple days to hit everyone.

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