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Thread: Missing Compensation

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    Missing Compensation

    Hello a lot of us only received the proven warrior compensation still missing the other 2 including the abyssal compensation not sure if you are aware there are many of us still waiting or not I looked for a thread before posting

    I've been waiting on a ticket to be answered for 9 days now so I figured best bet to get someone's attention was here , thanks.

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    I am missing the same. Where are the wings we're supposed to be getting and the loyalty tokens, and all the other cool stuff?
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    Give them time to roll everything out
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    They said they are rolling it slowly to everyone,so wait.
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    What is the update when this slow roll out will be complete?

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    All Compensation packs have been assigned, if you did not get it please open a ticket and a gm will get to it in +- 3 months.

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