Update 1 - Nov. 16 - Hey folks. We've discovered an issue that prevented some players from receiving their full compensation. The team is working to get the rest of the grants completed. Again, the process takes time so please bear with us a couple more days. We'll update this thread once we're all done. Thanks very much.

Update 2 - Nov 19 - Hey everyone, sorry for this stretching out over the weekend. The latest update on the compensation packs is that all of the Character and Account compensation packs for the Evolutions have been completed. The Celebration packs have been sent to all servers except for Fresh Start, which is the current grant that is being worked on. For the Abyssal Compensation, NA servers have been completed, and EU are in progress, hopefully to be completed today. My current estimate is that all of the compensation grants should be completed by late today, but it is possible they could stretch into tomorrow still. Thanks for the patience on this.

Final update Nov 20- all of the compensation grants for the Server Evolution, along with the Abyssal Skills Compensation have been granted. If at this point you are missing any pack that you should have qualified for, I recommend reaching out to our support team.

Hey there everyone.

I wanted to get out some information on the current status of the compensation grants from the Server Evolutions, since there are quite a number of questions still popping up.

There are a number of different packs that fall under this, and I'll go through all of them.

Server Evolution Character Giftpack - This is a direct grant to the mail of characters of level 15+, or owned land, that were on a server affected by the Evolutions. The grants have completed being sent out to NA characters, EU is still in the process of being granted.

Server Evolution Account Giftpack - This grant is available for players to claim directly through the website, and was granted once per account to accounts with a level 50+ character, or those that owned land, at the time of the evolution. This grant has been completed.

Server Evolution Celebration Giftpack - This grant is available for players to claim directly through the website, and applied to all accounts that had a level 15+ character, or owned land, at the time of the evolution, including those on Fresh Start servers. This is also one per account, and the grant has been completed.

Homecoming Warrior Giftpack - This is available once to all accounts, and claimed directly through the website.

Abyssal Skill Compensation - This grant is currently being worked on and will be granted as soon as we have completed the background work required for this. This will be mailed directly to characters, and due to this may take some time to complete.

We have seen reports of players not receiving compensation packs that they should have qualified for, specifically the account based ones, and are investigating that currently to identify the issue. Once we have, we will catch up any of those accounts that may have been affected.