Old EQ/EQ2 endgame grinder looking for a relaxing retirement home. I have only been playing 2ish weeks and am in love with the commerce and crafting system. This is why I bought patron.

East/Haranya. Tigerspine resident. So far I have a cottage, improved scarecrow farm and small scarecrow farm. I have yet to decide which professions to focus.

What I AM looking for:
Trade, crafting, commerce, company, fashion gear, all the vehicles, maybe fishing, bs and good times in chat or discord/whatever, smallish guild or family that is very active, competence(my own and those around me), occasional pve dungeon crawling, adult humor w/o being offensive

What I am NOT looking for:
Grinding dungeons nonstop, raids, pvp, the endless grind for BIS gear, endless talk of BIS gear, being pushed to get BIS gear, abusive and rude people people, spiders

If I seem like a good fit for your crew whisper me in-game. I'm terrible about checking forum pm's.