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Thread: Returning to Play

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    Question Returning to Play

    This was the first MMO I ever really got into and I loved the world and the lore, just running around the map on my mounts was enough fun half the time, guild activities the rest of the time. I'd like to pop back in to play again, but I have one significant problem

    My inventory is totally full and I don't know what Items I should keep and what I should toss, given the nature of crafting, especially high level items, or the various event coins that do or do not get reused, I really don't know what to do, I even had several alt 'mule' accounts to try and spread things out a little.

    Obviously, in theory, I could just buy a bunch of inventory expansion scrolls, but I doubt I'm going to have the amount of gold necessary for such a thing, given inflation.

    I might log in and post screencaps of the items if anyone is interested in indentifying what's trash, sellable, or worth keeping.

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    A little late reply but that was one of the problems I encountered too when I returned, my inventory and all the trash.

    A lot of of Library materials are now obsolete, so I got rid of those first. Then my archeum (I guess some people still buy those) and then eventually some other things I no longer found useful, like radiant archeum trees, etc.

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