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Thread: [Kadum] New p2w looking for guild with strong pop focus

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    [Kadum] New p2w looking for guild with strong pop focus

    Hi! I'm a returning veteran from 2015. The game has changed a lot since then and I've decided to roll East.

    Right now, I'm focusing on prepping everything I need to power through hiram and get a legendary erenor weapon. This is to grasp an understanding of how things work now. It's much different than before.

    With that said, I'm looking for a primarily pvp focused guild that plays between the hours of 6am est and 6pm est. I've a lot to learn but I catch on extremely quick and I'm willing to be a team player that will help just about anyone.

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    Why not power through Hiram and get the Legendary Erenor weapon first, then look for a strong pvp guild?

    Anything less and it just sounds like leeching.

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