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Thread: Thinking of coming back, a couple quick question!

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    Thinking of coming back, a couple quick question!

    Hello! Giving some thought to the expansion and returning but ...it's...been...years...lol! A couple questions...
    If my account's main was Nuian, does that preclude me from creating a new toon on Haranya and/or use get my compensation packs sent to the new tune? Also, would any of my old main's stuff be usable by the new characters? I know these probably seem like silly questions, but I literally have NO idea what has changed in the last few years
    Also, how are things?


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    You can still make two characters by default, up to six using character expansion slots, and have your compensation sent to those characters so long as you make them first, then select them on the glyph site.

    As far as the equipment goes, it'd really depend on what you have since things were changed and some equipment removed.
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    Hello, good many things have changed, but the game is still painting very well! There are their wars and their "socialist" economy from time to time.

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