Still hasn't been answered and we asked just before server merge, I'm holding the land with unbuilt houses as I am missing 3-4 farms that I am 100% unable to get back without support fixing it for me, my boyfriend is in the same position.
Please can someone read our ticket we have waited so long and been so patient.

I lost two farms I paid for with credits in the mail ( I don't mind buying them again just make it so it let's me buy it again, because right now it refuses to let me ) and then I lost the two farms I got from the quest's.

To be more clear on how/why I lost them, me and my boyfriend played for awhile and one day just lost interest and didn't log again until now, so our farms obviously got erased and sent to our mail, so I guess the mail.. expired? and now they are gone with no way to get them back.. which can't possibly be right.

Just want it to let me buy/earn the farms again.