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Thread: Spell Q not workign right

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    Spell Q not workign right

    Click spell not working properly after patch.

    When going fix your crap. I put in a ticket no one look at tickets anymore.

    Can I get some MOD to reply my post thanks.

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    09-13-2018 12:27 AM #1
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    I so glad to leave a toxic game behind where this company does not look out for there players. I will not be come back to a unfit company that cant pull there wait. Here are some reason why I left.

    1. Hackers
    2. Bots
    3. Costumer support and there excuses not fair game play -
    4. Toxic game play though community - Personal attacks trion did not a thing
    5. Real life threats
    6. Unfair game play in balance arena- Some people can move faster do to lvl and there attack speed.
    Be able to farm alts for leader board reports do not a thing. Spawn in the middle of arena some people do not load in fast, Bar lock come undone for no reason at all.
    7. No communication with there community and what there plains on for the future.
    8. Tired starting over and there way of the game base set up.
    9. Take out obsidian gear after gear up over past years- Not able to upgrade gear.

    This game will die do to the merge and people will no longer play a unfit game.
    Game was base around a lot of thing before now they take everything away and there changes every 6 months. What about single player that are not in big guilds.

    yet another complaint

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    im gay
    wtb trionbrasse back to shut you down again

    too bad she didnít finish the job

    edit: clickers are bad

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