safe transportation of carcoal on the protection ticket ship-today the red from the guild "boom" EU server Jakar-easily took away my packs of carcoal from me and them to take carry.
I do not think that this bug:This was done with other members of our faction. (haranya).
I do not see a big loss in this, but I think that now I’ll not be able to earn more from family qwest for cargo charcoal.
The red ones call the harpoon to the schooner and push you away from the protected zone in the water when you try to load the ship.
But that's not all, when you are aboard a protected ship and you have a protection ticket, they are harnessing you from the deck with the bow of a harpoon boat into the water and dragging you out of the protected area, here they kill you and take your cargo. nice!
if this is normal, this is an element of pvp gameplay, then I can say absolutely for sure — this is not a protected passage, and the ticket capitan protection does not work! best regards.