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Thread: Mage & Malediction?

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    Question Mage & Malediction?

    I'm new here and so far, Malediction looks better than sorcery to me.
    I like it's mobility and occultism but I'm really lost about the 3rd class. What should I use?
    My focus at this moment, is solo grinding for gearing up and mana
    Does anyone have a Nice build and maybe a skill rotation scheme?

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    I'd suggest auramancy tbh, more mobility plus a lot of damage reduction

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    I play on a fresh start server and the malediction tree isnt showing ancestral skills. I would suggest Malediction Sorcery Songcraft. Malediction is great for grinding mobs but is limited to level 55 and lacks the boost that ancestral skills give to farm very high level mobs.

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