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Thread: Hiram gear?

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    Question Hiram gear?


    I'm new here and I have no Idea, how to start gearing up with Hiram. I am going mage, so staff 2h might be my weapon. What stats should I focos and how I match them in my gear?
    I'm okay with grinding, where should I start?

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    Start by claiming the free packs on the website (if they are available to you), farming t1 gear for aoe nuimari,heedmar for single target anywhere you want (I did calm lands), get the auto loot pet, it makes farming fast because you're not wasting time looting (it's like 3k credits for the pack well worth imo).
    As for stats, most ppl have cri+cdi on their weapons and resil + max hp/ received dmg reduction on armor, probably be able to find youtube stuff about how awakening works gl.

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    Thank you, do I need to buy anything else or this pet will auto pet for good?

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    You'll need to buy the Auto-Loot Powerstone and equip your pet with it.

    Only certain pets can equip it (like the Ghost pet), so read carefully.

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