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Thread: Need some help deciding on class

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    Need some help deciding on class

    Last time I played was 3.0, I saw recent changes and wanted to come back but with attack speed changes and everything I've been seeing recently I cant figure out what to play, what is good and what isn't.

    I used to main shadowblade, I could fight up to 1k above me and had tons of fun.
    But I've heard plate magic is fun and that it works really well.
    I'm just looking for a class that I can beat people higher GS than me, I primarily just pvp.
    Also heard rangers are actually good now.

    So honestly I'm not sure at all what to pick and I don't want to start leveling something that is just going to cripple me.

    I mostly fought in 1v1s and open world, and GvG.

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    any ideas? anyone? I just want to know the current state of classes atleast

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