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Thread: Is Revenant still viable in 5.0?

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    Is Revenant still viable in 5.0?


    I just started playing the game and I was wondering if Revenant is still viable for endgame and if not could anyone give a recommendation on any decent magic based builds that may work in 5.0, Ive been trying to check the builds sites but alot of them seem outdated hence why Im asking here.

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    I don't know about Revenant, sorry.
    But I still play as mage, Occultism, Malediction, Sorcery. And I quite like it, just for the info I'm not a clasic mage with casttime, I have currently 2 skills with casttime, Insulation Lens and Serpent Glare. If I remember correctly Revenant was the same with the no to few casttime using skills.

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    I mean I do see revenants running around so I’m sure they are somewhat viable.

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