From the look of it, I guess it will take around two months to get a reply on my ticket or get a fix. I took a long break from Archeage and I came back for 5.0. I activated patron with my leftover gems and in 2 days I get this ban/bug. This kind of issues should be the first priority for you guys. My labor is going to waste every day, and I have AH sales and cash shop purchases in my mail(because my inventory was full). Mail will expire in 3 weeks and I will lose these too. Why are we not getting any response yet on what is going on? I just want a response saying that I am fine and I will be compensated for this, and it will just take longer to get a fix. I have been checking the forums and logging in my character every day (Have to end task Archeage because logging out normally takes 1800 seconds). Many people are suffering from this. Some of them might have even purchased packs and patron, spending a lot and now facing this issue. A simple response in our tickets or on the forums will make us rest assured and not make us check the forums/tickets/game like a job.

I have wasted enough time already. I missed out on this Jake Song event completely. I have no idea what is going on and I am forced to quit and play another game. I will come and check for a day or two or more and then I will check after a month. I hope the support compensates everyone for this because just a fix won't do at this point. Good luck to everyone suffering from this. Hope everything goes well with you guys. Also, thanks to all the friends who helped me out and the guys who stopped by and had a conversation with my disabled character.

If you want you can bump this post up but I will stop posting on it. There are already too many similar posts and it will keep piling up.