I purchased your credits from you then turned around and used said purchased to buy a service from you. That service was unfulfilled but Gamigo still charged me and has not answered my ticket in over 12 days and there's apparently no customer support working from the lack of responses on the boards i would like to offer you my terms for borrowing my money.

We are discussing the amount of 5400 credits or at today's price $30 in value. Since the website offers the option of using a credit card to purchase the gems that's the means we are going to use to set the interest rate. The interest rate will be 14% due with a minimum payment of $5 on the first of the month. If the payment is not received by the 5th it will be considered late and you are to pay 100 gems for everyday late. The other alternative we be to fulfill your end of the transaction and execute said transfer or at a minimum refund the purchase until the transfer system is fixed this will need to be executed by December 1st.

If these terms are agreeable to you please sign below or just don't respond. If no response in 48 hours then please refer to the no response clause below.

No Response. Where a provision of this Agreement provides for a Party to respond within a designated period following written notice from the other Party (e.g., Sections 5.1(a)(vi) and 5.1(b)(iv)), and if such Party fails to respond within the designated period, then the failure to respond shall create or imply: (i) that the non-responding Party agrees with the proposed action to be taken by the other Party, or (ii) consent that an action proposed to be taken may be taken, except if such consent expressly conflicts with the terms of this Agreement.

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