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Thread: Need Help With Finding Quests [White Arden]

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    Question Need Help With Finding Quests [White Arden]

    Hi all, I need some help finding some quests.
    I'm a lvl 28 Elf (Primeval class) in White Arden, and I've completed what seems to be most of the quests available (the only 2 active quests I have require me to go to Marianople).
    However, I've come across a few NPCs ('Tapi' and 'Pestunose' near Eastern White Arden, and some people in Red Moss Cave) that require some quests that I haven't started, and I don't know where.
    I've set my 'Quest Details' settings to unlimited, but it only shows 3-4 event quests in Ardenia.
    Can someone please help? Is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance
    - Timmy

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    I usually refer to ArcheAge Codex when looking for obscure quest information, since that site does regular scrapes of the game's database. NPC entries usually contain a list of quests you can start with them. But is there something specific leading you to those quests (like the NPCs state you need a pre-requisite quest before talking to them)?

    Because ArcheAge has a habit of taking out quests (either old ones or event quests) without fully wiping their traces from the game. This is why you sometimes might see quest markers on the minimap that don't exist anymore.

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    I think your level is to low. Quests only show up when you hit "their" level. There were lots of quests removed in the past and the actual green race story quest and quests around aren't enough to hit level 30 when you arrive in Marianople. A bit of overachieving quests is required.

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