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Thread: Research into the impacts of gaming. (looking for people to answer some questions including some GM's)

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    Question Research into the impacts of gaming. (looking for people to answer some questions including some GM's)

    Hello friends,
    i am undergoing some research into the impacts of gaming for an assessment and who else better to ask than the community I myself most include myself in *this can go horribly wrong pls be kind*

    my assessment is based off many ideas of gaming today.

    my questions to you are the following:

    1 How has gaming impacted relationships? (Negative/Positive, not limited to romantic relations)

    2 How has Gaming Negatively impacted your life?

    3 If at all how has Gaming Improved your life?

    4 What is Gaming for you? (boredom buster, escape, a way to connect?)

    5 What was the first game that got you hooked/at what age?

    6 On average how many people do you know throw sick days just to play? (if this is you im sorry im just trying to get as much info relating to this topic as i can)

    7 What are your thoughts on immersive Virtual Reality? (Kinda like sword art online but not sword art online)

    8 Any thoughts on the increase in popularity of classic gaming in recent years? (arcade type games, eg. pacman, tetris, etc)

    please add a code name that i can refer to you by as to not use your online name.

    Please DO NOT QUOTE, as an example on how to answer for clarity:
    [Number of question] _ANSWER_
    [Number of question] _ANSWER_
    [Number of question] _ANSWER_

    (This will help keep things together nicely)
    there is no judgement for any of these questions its simply research feel free to directly message me answers if you must, all help is very much appreciated.

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    1. None really neither positive nor negative.
    2. It hasn't, if there was a negative I would say always having to upgrade your pc.
    3. again its hasn't affected my life.
    4. Escapism, plus the chat on discord or TS (lots of laugh out loud moments).
    5. The way of the exploding fist (early 80's on my Zx spectrum).
    6. None, everyone I know is adult enough to realize its just a game.
    7. For driving games or things like rollercoasters I think its fun but can induce nausea.
    8. Love it, Bring back Chucky egg and manic miner . I had a pacman arcade machine in my games room for years .

    Code name: old sod

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