Good Morning ArcheAge World,

I have a specific question for our wonderfully busy Support Team, I do not say that sarcastically as I know you are all working tirelessly to keep the world we love running and fun! The Official Post regarding Compensation Packs has been marked as "completed" twice now, and it states that if an account should have qualified for the packs, but did not receive them, SUBMIT a REQUEST.

Is there one person, or set of persons working only on this? I feel that rewarding the people who PAY to PLAY should be a top priority. It makes good business sense to me. My account qualifies for all of the packs - yet I only received the Homecoming Warrior. My husband's account qualifies for all of the packs - yet he only received the Homecoming Warrior, Evolution Character, and Evolution Celebration. We've both got tickets submitted with no activity on them. (#1160773 Emlaine) (#1161167 Rakashin)

Please, Support Team, show us that the little things matter to those of us who want what was told we would receive. I get so excited thinking about the things I can do with all the rewards!!