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    I got the same problem... I can launch the game just normal, but when trying to connect to a Server at Server select screen I am getting instantly a 'Disconnected from server' message. Oh and 'I should read all current messages before restarting'.

    I got no update option before starting, and selecting the region at PTS or NA and then back on EU does not make an update option appear.

    Please fix this issue.

    After actually launching the game on with NA settings, going till the character cration screen and then aborting and closing the game, it does now correctly give the ability to update after switching back to EU settings on Glyph.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palladin View Post
    I don't have pts installed, guessing it's going to be the full download.
    still unable to login
    not the only person
    You don't need to have PTS installed. Just change the region to PTS and back to EU afterwards.

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    Den Bug gibts schon seit Jahren und taucht immer mal wieder auf.
    Kaum zu glauben das die es noch nicht geschafft haben das Problem endlich mal zu lösen

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    Try this it usually fixes issues to do with glyph launcher

    Close Glyph if its open.


    Run -> %temp% -> delete everything inside this folder and skip anything you get a notice for.


    Run ->%appdata% -> press alt+ up arrow -> open Local -> delete Glyph folder.

    Open Glyph client and should be working again.

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    DONT go on NA before patch is readdy.
    For me, all things working now..changed more than 10 times servers and at least EU has the update^^

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