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Thread: Treasure chest diving ideas

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    Unhappy Treasure chest diving ideas

    I wish you would consider removing the cool down on the treasure chests. I never see anyone out there when I am diving so I don't understand the need for the cool down. Just let me pick up the chests as fast as I can, please! Also, would you put the value back up on the statue? Those of us who love to deep sea dive will spend hours down there looking for treasure. It used to be a fun way to make our gold, but since you took away the scrolls and lowered the value of the statue, it is no longer worth all the time spent. It would also be fun if you added some new items to be discovered. And why did you make it take so much labor to raise a salvaged ship? By the time I make all the recovery pouches (which now take more resources so I get a third of what I used to get for the labor spent) and the leather to make them, I may not have enough labor left to raise a ship. Please consider removing some of these changes.


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    If you would go for a dive for like 2 hours, what would be the average outcome and what have you been paying / for? Interested

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    The debuff timer was due to people botting the chests, something that still happens to this day though rarer due to said debuff.

    As for the recovery pouches, those haven't changed since they were added. If your running short on labour making pouches AND raising ships, might want to try and split the days you do each. One day craft a nice stack of pouches then another go treasure hunting.

    The lowering of the statue values is FS's fault since that high value of an item was economy breaking, not as much as the family fishing, but up there. It would be nice to get XL to raise the value again.

    Also what scrolls are you talking about? Only scrolls I remember were the old ship regrade scrolls and you can still get them you just have to combine the brimstones you get with a blank regrade scroll now.
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