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Thread: help I can not post anywhere else tell me where

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    help I can not post anywhere else tell me where

    Hi all
    lately there are people blocking roads
    commercial routes and npc
    make others unable to meet the package delivery time
    please help me to inform these people
    for security I deleted my name, that guild bothers a lot
    It is a complete guild that blocks the roads.

    Peluka, Kadun,suckingcocforrck,Manawisp,cherryfarm

    block in solis.jpgblock in solis 1.jpgblcok.jpgblock2.jpg[ATTACH]undefined[/ATTACH]

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    1. Log in to your Glyph Account
    2. Select 'Help'
    3. Select 'Submit a Request'
    4. What kind of issue would you like assistance with? -> 'Report a Player - Code of Conduct'
    5. Subject: 'Path-Blocking way to Austera' (example)
    6. Description: Put in as many information as possible 'Suspectname / How many did block / How did they block / Guild at that certain time / Time of day / Location'
    7. Product: Select ArcheAge
    8. Report a Player: NPC or Path Blocking
    9. ArcheAge Server: Select your Server where the Path Blocking occured
    10. Attachements: Add your Screenshots about the Blocking in here so the support got proof that you are a victim to Path Blocking.

    Keep in mind that a delay is marked in a red box by Trion Worlds Support Center.

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