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Thread: Orchidna's Journals - 12 Abyssal Crystals each !?!

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    Orchidna's Journals - 12 Abyssal Crystals each !?!

    5.0 patch notes say:

    "The Abyssal questline has therefore also been removed, but Orchidna’s Journals can still be obtained, in the Queen’s Chamber in the Cinderstone Moore."

    Yes, you can get a quest for the journal for each level 55 skill you have equipped in the Queen's Chamber. But the cost to complete each quest is 12 Abyssal Crystals. 132 Abyssal Crystals for the set. Now, there may be a few who think this is a good deal, but I'm guessing most of us are going to decline.

    The odd thing is that crystals you spent completing Abyssal Skills before the patch were refunded, but now that you only get a book for doing the remaining quests for the skills you didn't finish before the patch, you have to spend crystals.

    I don't know if this was intended or not. My apologies for whining about it if it was.

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    This might have been the reasoning. Also take into account that since Obsideon has been removed there are a lot less recipes that need Abyssal crystals and this gives a little value for them.

    Getting the 132 for new players isn't too hard if you do dungeon runs. Now getting others to do it is another issue entirely.
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