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Thread: need a gm in kadem please

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    Unhappy need a gm in kadem please

    The same person is blocking all roadways again. Mahadavi bridge, mahadavi checkpoint, entrance to austere. Cherrypacker, cherryfarma, cherryfarmb, manawisp, suckcockforrock, cherrypicker. All one player, please do something permanent. 3 days ongoing. no one can play this game. hes blocking the peace zones. I know you got rid of his vehicles last night but that did nothing. he started back up immediately.

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    Rather than flame this guy, I just want to know the reason behind it. Is it a simple "because I can." or what?

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    Pretty much, yeah. Some people are just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s.

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    I kinda appreciate it in the "IS SUPPORT TEAM THERE OR NAH" kind of way, actually.

    With Gamigo's relative silence and people's month-old support tickets unanswered, challenging the powers that be (or aren't) is a kinda cute way to show everyone whether Team Gamigo's actually watching or not.

    I wasn't there for it, but I heard Tinen made a guest appearance on the server, so good on them for making a show. I guess if it keeps going, hopefully they'll escalate the punishment accordingly/ as expected (was it vehicle deletion or just straight up ban?), and that'll be the "yeah, we're here" message everyone wants lol.

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