We seem to have some people in game who can't play well with others. Blocking, hacking, using peoples real life info to cause problems and other f#$kery.

Can you make an Outcast faction where people are sent there for the amount of time needed to pay for their actions.

Outcast members get to be flagged red and killable at all times in all locations to everyone. No peace for the wretched.
They get to enjoy other perks such as:
Decreased skill damage 60%
Increased received damage 60%
No chat tabs at all. Mums the word.
No ability to use mounts or vehicles.
Their appearance will all be changed to a big fat baby in a diaper. No matter what gear they have on.

I'm sure other fun perks could be applied but the list is a good start. I mean if they aren't going to be banned, which some of them should be for sure, then make their existence fun for the rest of us. I'm not suggesting minor infractions get this, just the people who really try hard to mess up the game experience for others.